24 February 2013

A stingray, a heron called Michael and even more fish

I'll be honest and tell you now that this isn't going to be one of my more exciting blog entries.  Sorry about that.

Today was a very lazy day.  Being on a little island which is a good 45 minute speedboat ride from anywhere means that unless you want to get on boats every day - and having a husband prone to sea-sickness makes this unappealing - your activity choices tend to be a) sunbathe/sleep, b) eat, c) swim, d) gym, e) visit the spa.

All of the above were achieved today.

Here I am, raring to go

Dress from Wildfox Couture

I know I haven't posted many food pictures from the lovely restaurant here.  Even though the food is really good, the pictures haven't inspired me to post them. But this was a lovely Lobster, Mango and Avocado salad I had today that I decided was worth a look.

Healthy and delicious!

While I'm at it, here was the Coconut Panna Cotta with Raspberry Sorbet which wasn't so healthy but was equally as delicious!

Despite all I have written in my past posts, this place is not 100% perfect. Oh no. I've been rather disappointed with the quality of the cocktails and considering the name of my blog I feel I should bring this to your attention.  It's a sad story.

This is a Blueberry Mojito

Or is it just a measure of rum, blueberry cordial, soda water and a bit of mint?  I think you can guess.  But I refuse to be deterred and will continue to work through the cocktail menu to find one they do well!  It could happen!

This is Michael the resident heron.

One of the guys that works here told us that you can bring a heron up to be 'like a dog'.  I'm not quite sure what he meant and I'm not planning on testing it out but if you fancy giving it a go, send me a tweet and let me know what happens.

This afternoon I visited the spa for a treatment.  As I am a big lover of foot massages I decided to go for my first ever session of reflexology. The spa here is beautiful and as relaxing as you would expect. The treatment itself was quite an experience - I loved it but have to say it was 80% pleasure and 20% intense pain. Is pain supposed to happen in a spa? I suppose he had to get those pressure points and I came out feeling great so I'm not complaining.

After a half hour gym session (are you impressed?) we went to the weekly hotel Feed the Fish event!  We walked to the end of the pier, were given some small chunks of fish (they are cannibals) and fed the little critters.

On the walk back, we noticed our first stingray, sat in the shallow waters.

I've been quite wary of them whilst in the water here (I always wear my strap-on sandals having been bitten by something nasty in the past) but despite what a lot of people believe after what happened to Steve Irwin, they are really docile creatures, bless 'em.  You really don't want to step on one though!

So this was our day.  Tomorrow is likely to be as lazy too so I may give the blog a day off.  But do not fear! On Wednesday we're moving our holiday on to Thailand - I cannot wait to hit the markets and grace these pages with more wonderful things...


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  2. what an unbelievably beautiful time you had! coconut panna cotta sounds like my dream come true. XX



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