20 February 2013

Almost on our way!

We booked our flights to the Maldives and Thailand about 16 months ago. This holiday has been a long time coming.

But today is the day!  Whoop!

This evening we will bid farewell Jimmy Chew for a couple of weeks and leave him in the safe hands of the in-laws.  I will miss the little fuzzy butt.

So over the next couple of weeks this blog will be full of foreign lands, blue seas, expanding waistlines and new experiences (scuba diving for one - I've never done it). I will try and bring you the beauty of both the Maldives and Thailand as well as the gastronomical delights that I'm expecting. Having visited Thailand once before, I'm looking forward to hunting down one of those sticky coconut rice and mango stalls that I previously experienced.

But for now, ta ta!  See you on the other side...

P.S.  What do you think of my new black jumpsuit from Michael Kors?  I've wanted one for ages and it's mega soft and comfy, perfect for the long flight.  The cardi is from Lipsy and wedges from River Island


  1. WOW what an exciting few weeks ahead of you so excited to follow your trip on this blog and see the amazing places you visit and the wonderful things you do :). Going to live Vicariously through this blog whilst stuck in wet and cold London. love the jumpsuit it looks very New York love it :) Beth x

  2. Thank you! I can't quite believe this holiday has finally arrived! I hope you enjoy the blog. I guess it's nice timing that I started doing it just before a holiday...soon enough it will just be lots of dull cloudy London! :)

    The jumpsuit is sooo comfy x


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