19 February 2013

Bubbledogs! ....Is closed on Mondays....

I think I might have to delete the bit from my description that says that I'm far too organised.  Would a very organised person take a trip to Goodge Street on a Monday evening to visit a hot dog and champagne restaurant that's only open Tuesday to Saturday?  Quite possibly not.


Luckily there is more than one restaurant on Charlotte Street and myself and the girls decided to have our pre-Cazgoingonholiday catch-up in Navarro's - a little family run Spanish tapas restaurant just over the road from the sausage place that can't be bothered to open (not bitter).

Walking into Navarro's is a bit like walking into a Spanish living room.  I was hit by how cosy and homely as soon as I walked in.  There are little pots displayed along the walls and cute tables and chairs painted with little Flamenco dancers.

As you do with tapas, we ordered a good few dishes to share between us; patatas bravas, Spanish omelette, grilled sardines, fried squid, meatballs, prawns and cod. Obviously I could give you the lovely Spanish names for all those dishes (Bacaloa a La Rotena, for example - the cod) which would make it all sound a little less simple. But I'm not going to.


The food here is simple authenticity and inexpensive. Nothing massively original or mind-blowing but it's fresh and tasty with that homemade touch. It's a great choice for a catch up with friends or family which is probably why all the pretty tables were taken by the time we were leaving. Not bad for a Monday night.
So back home it was to retrieve my suitcase from the garage, dust it down and start a little bikini planning.

I think I'll just take them all.

And the colours this holiday will be bright!

Do you think someone is going to miss me?

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