7 February 2013

Busy baking!

I've been quiet for a couple of days on here:
  1. Because I'm still not really sure what I'm doing and why my blog isn't showing up on any internet searches (help me someone!)
  2. Because I am currently baking a Phineas and Ferb two-tiered birthday cake for a 1 year old.  And it's taking AAAGES.
I'm pleased with how its gone so far though.  Here is a sneak preview, without the top tier which is yet to be iced and decorated:

Hoping to have it all finished by tomorrow lunchtime.  And then it's out with the girls tomorrow evening in the city!  I think I'll need a few drinks by then...

In other news, my Jimmy Choo shoes obsession continues with the emergence of these little babies:

Aren't they wonderful?

So the black ones are the more sensible choice.  Perfect for lunches, dinners or nights out.  The yellow ones....well, they're just awesome and I don't own any yellow shoes.  Imagine them with my short Alice & Olivia purple dress!  Aw, just divine.

I really shouldn't though. I'm going on holiday soon and I need to save some pennies.  

Don't I?  

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