22 February 2013

Cocoa Island - The Maldives

Last night, both Alex and I were sleepless in Singapore.

We woke up at about 2am and couldn't get back to sleep.  We tried and failed and tried again but ended up watching five episodes of South Park on the iPad instead. Needless to say, we were up and out of the hotel earlier than necessary, did a bit of shopping in the airport then caught our Singapore Airlines flight to Male at 9.45am.

I hadn't flown with Singapore before but I was really impressed with them. Excellent service, comfy seats and the food was very very good.

The Singapore Slings weren't bad either

Movies watched on this flight were Wreck-It Ralph which was brilliant (see it!) and Hope Springs which was very enjoyable too.

The view from the plane as we approached the Maldives was everything I'd expected. Quite breathtaking really.

After passing through security at Male airport, we were greeted by our Cocoa Island representative who led us to a speed boat to take us on the 45 minute ride to the island.

Welcome to Cocoa Island!

Turns out the photographs on the website weren't photo-shopped.  It is actually this incredible. 

We were given a short tour of the island which didn't take longer than 15 minutes due to the size of the place, then were shown to our beautiful room.  The walk along the pier to get there is an adventure in itself with all sorts of fish and sea-life swimming and crawling around under your feet!  We've been warned that there are sometimes stingrays around and territorial fish that bite you if you get too close. Let's not even start on the 'baby sharks'...

A quick unpack it was and then into bikini numero uno and my emerald green beach dress I bought online from Free People.  I just love the colour so much.

First port of call - the restaurant for a spot of lunch and a cocktail.  I chose a ginger mojito.  No doubt I will be testing this cocktail menu to the max over the coming days.

So to be honest, it's pretty much paradise.  We've only been here a few hours but we are already totally relaxed and excited about the next few days we are here.  The staff are warm and friendly and I have very high expectations of the meals too.  Tomorrow we're going snorkeling on our own private catamaran and I'm looking forward to giving the underwater camera its first outing - fingers crossed that this blog will be full of beautiful fish pictures tomorrow! 

And finally, it turns out James May of Top Gear fame is staying here too.  Alex saw him arrive in a silly Hawaiian shirt this afternoon. Now I do love a celebrity spot as anyone who knows me would vouch for. But I really can't get too excited about James May...

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  1. That beach Caroline! Not to mention your flat as a pancake stomach. want to be there now!!

    Katie <3


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