1 February 2013

Do you like London? Will you like me? And do you like cheese?


Hello!  This is my first ever blog entry.  Welcome one and.....well, probably just the one at the moment.  But I hope that this time next year this blog will be choc-a-bloc with restaurant reviews, juicy photos, London nightspots to love and avoid and lots and lots of clothes!  And fingers crossed, a few readers.  There may just be a fluffy dog popping up here and there for good measure too.

My name is Caroline and I am a young 31 years old.  I live in North London and 10 of my favourite things are:

1.    My husband Alex
2.    My dog Jimmy Chew aka the cutest dog in London town
3.    Clothes
4.    Cocktails
5.    My turquoise Louboutins
6.    Holidays
7.    Cheese (preferably with chutney)
8.    Baking 
9.    Elvis Presley
10.   Las Vegas

And of course my lovely friends!  A particular mention goes to Mary - my sister from another mister who encouraged me to get the expensive camera and get involved in the blogging universe.  She's also the person most likely to be entertaining me in her usual mental fashion as we try new places to eat and play in the city we call LONDON.  

Of course, the blog is not restricted to just London - it will also follow me on future holidays and trips around the country.  You won't miss a thing, honest.

So here the adventure begins.  I've bought a decent camera and I'm learning to use blogger.  I hope you get some pleasure from reading my random thoughts and recipes, seeing my silly nights out and finding out the places with terrible customer service (you WILL be named and shamed!).  

To my future fans (Cazlets, as you shall be known) of which I hope there will be more than just my husband and the dog - enjoy!  

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