4 February 2013

Fast Results Weight Loss Programme

I am off on holidays soon.  To the Maldives and Thailand.  And I am very excited indeed.

I thought I would share with you the fast results 'bikini diet' that my personal trainer has given to me.  My first day was today and so far so good!

Please note that this is only a short-term diet and should never be done long term as it's not massively healthy due to lack of fruit and veg.  Apparently it makes your breath smell too which is so not a good look...

Fast results weight loss programme – 1 week’s worth

Shopping list – organic where possible:

2 fresh salmon fillets (approx 125g each)
1 large free range chicken
12 large free range eggs
200g smoked salmon
1 portion white fish (150g)
1 lamb loin (150g)
Tub full fat ricotta
Total full fat Greek yogurt
Bag baby spinach (100g)
Bag watercress (100g)
Green beans
Bag flaked almonds
Bag whole almonds
Balsamic vinegar
Olive oil

Rules for 1 week:

No alcohol – 1 night treat at end of week
No added salt
Drink at least 1.5 lts water per day
Drink green tea (decaf if possible)
Your coffee should be Americano with splash milk or macchiato
Don’t let yourself get hungry – eat snacks


250g Total Greek yoghurt full fat
Dessert spoon flaked almonds

1 egg & 2 egg whites omelette with 10g of feta cheese & oregano

3 eggs - scrambled or poached

100g smoked salmon
50g Ricotta
Squeeze fresh lemon
Spread ricotta on salmon and roll up


Chicken salad
150g chicken
25g raw baby spinach
2 inches cucumber
Dressing made from 1 dessert spoon olive oil and 1 dessert spoon of balsamic vinegar, pepper

Egg salad
1 hard boiled egg
25g watercress
1/2 chopped celery stick
Dressing made from 1 dessert spoons olive oil, squeeze of lemon, pepper

Lamb and courgettes
150g Lamb loin or other cut pan fried in a little olive oil
½ medium courgette pan fried with lamb
Bit of rosemary fried in pan
Drizzle pan juices over meal

150g salmon fillet
25g mushrooms 
25g kale
A little mustard & Greek yoghurt if you want

White fish and green beans
150g white fish e.g. monk fish, coley, turbot or other pan fried in butter
50g green beans, steamed
1 dessert spoon melted butter, squeeze of lemon
Drizzle pan juices and butter over cooked fish and beans


2 Ryvita with almond butter
1 soft boiled egg
A handful of nuts - almonds, pistachios, cashews
A few pieces of chicken or turkey
100g Greek yoghurt with 20g blueberries

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