11 February 2013

We've only just begun...

So I've done the odd little post so far - this and that - but nothing substantial.  I know this, you know this.

But don't fret!  There are many exciting things coming up over the coming days and weeks!


  • Me and Mazza popping to Borough Market to eat huge olives and cakes and generally stare at the amazing variety of food;
  • Valentine's night at Petrus;
  • Lunch and cocktails at Zuma, Knightsbridge;
  • Bubbledogs Champagne Bar;
  • British Airways First Class flight experience (sick with excitement);
  • The Maldives and Thailand - the natural beauty, the food, the bikinis...

And then many more great things when I return home including Disco Bistro, a 70's themed birthday party and the new HKK London restaurant.

I reckon that's worth sticking around for, don't you?

P.S.  Please do! :)

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