15 February 2013

Mooching at Borough Market

Yesterday afternoon Mazza and I visited Borough Market.  A fascinating, buzzing place filled with all sorts of fabulous colours, delicious smells and most importantly, yummy food from all over this big round world.

Our visit was for nothing in particular; just a general sniff around to see if anything took our fancy.

Coat Hobb, jeans J Brand, boots Topshop, scarf Paul Smith, bag Mulberry

The market is the biggest in London although if one chutney stall-holder was to be believed, the biggest and most important in Europe (not sure that that's technically correct but who's nit-picking here?)

Just look at these cheese, jams and chutneys.  Presentation is everything.

And most excitedly, we visited the same day as Prince Charles and Camilla reopened the market after spending 3 years as a building site due to the construction of a new railway viaduct!  Did we see them?  Did we speak to them?  Did we get that all important photo??  

No, I literally just found out they were there.  Perhaps this should have given me a clue: 

But the lack of royals and didn't dampen our mood as we ambled around buying apples, homemade pate, olives, ham, salted caramel fudge (Valentine's present for the hubby) and a massive pomegranate.  

There are endless choices of what to have for lunch at Borough Market.  You could pop into one of several bars, pubs and restaurants nearby of course. You could eat the free samples that the market stall holders give you until your belly is popping.  Or you can have something from one of the live cooking stalls.  I decided to have a little dish that consisted of scallops, beansprouts, topped with bacon crumble:

Nicely full up, we gandered around a little more, stopping for a nice glass of warm cider on the way.

Check out these little fellas.

You really can find such a huge variety of different produce at this market and even if you're not there to buy, you can easily whittle away a couple of hours just taking in the sights and smells.  I just wish I lived closer!

We ended the visit with a nice cup of tea at the wonderfully homely (and warm!) Wheatsheaf pub on Stoney Street before heading back home for Valentine's evening with our respective boys.

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