26 February 2013

Our last day at Cocoa

This morning the sun rose on our final day at Cocoa Island.  As stunning as the place is, we are looking forward to moving on to pastures new - Yao Noi and Phuket, Thailand.  We will be flying back to Singapore at 11.30pm to get a connecting flight onto Phuket airport.  Then part deux begins!

Holiday life has continued as normal: beautifully lazy.

Here's another hand-on-hip picture of me (I really need a new pose...)

The cocktail situation here has continued to deteriorate.  I ordered a Ginger Mojito again today and not only did it not taste remotely of ginger, it didn't really taste of mojito.  Just fizzy water and lemon.  Come on Thailand; I'm relying on you to kick ass on the cocktail front!  

But I did have this lovely dessert that was worth sharing - banana cheesecake with tropical fruit and lemon sorbet, beautifully presented and delicious

Yesterday afternoon we decided to call the dog at home.  It's amazing what you can train dogs to do!  Here he is, mid-Skype.  

He's having a lovely time with his Grandad so no need to worry there - thanks Ian!

There was a full moon on our last night.  It really looked something special, shining above our hut.

Today has been pretty similar to yesterday - albeit with a bit of kayaking thrown in for good measure - and we are ready to go now.  Alex and I have a tendency to get a little bored when we stay in one place for too long, especially when we feel a bit trapped inside the resort.  But it has been perfectly timed so mild boredom has hit just as we're about to move on.  

So this evening, the sun will set on our visit to the beautiful Cocoa Island.  
See you in Thailand!

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