27 February 2013

Six Senses, Thailand

Who'd have thought that there was somewhere in the world that would make Cocoa Island look second rate?

If we're honest, our opinion of Cocoa Island did deteriorate a little as the days went on - too many niggles that just weren't right in a hotel of that stature.  For the money they charge you expect more - at least not to have an outside sunbathing area that was in full shade from 12.30pm onwards.  But I don't want to dwell on it, we had a great time.

But today we arrived in Six Senses - a hilltop hotel reserve on Yao Noi, a little island off the coast of Phuket.  We were greeted at the airport by the rep and whisked off by car then boat - about an hour and 15 to get here.

From the approach in the boat you could see how stunning and secluded the place was. It's surrounded by lush vegetation and plants that you can tell the gardeners must spend hours maintaining.

We were driven by buggy up to our villa; number 28 (there are 60 in total).  What can I say?  I think I'm going to leave the photos to do most of the talking.

We were taken on a buggy tour around the reserve.

Alex's holiday was made when he discovered that the hotel has 30 flavours of complimentary homemade icecream (along with a lot of other baked goodies)

Despite the urge to just lay back and do nothing but savour the beauty and serenity of Six Senses, it would be a shame not to get involved in the numerous activities that the hotel has to offer. Today we had a 1 hour Thai massage lesson in the spa!

Here he is

The girls who were teaching us were so lovely and informative and we really came away feeling like we'd learned something as well as feeling very relaxed after being massage guinea pigs for each other.  The spa itself is fantastic too.

Over the next 3 days here we have booked a cocktail making class (naturally), a Thai cookery session and a private meditation class.  We've both talked of our interest in learning how to meditate - whether we'll be able to do it or not is another matter!

After our Thai massage class we went over to the Living Room bar for to see some Thai dancing

....and - deep intake of breath - try the cocktails!

We are back in the game! They were wonderful. I tried the Phuket Mai Tai which was delicious, bursting with flavour and served in a very cool, wonky glass.

Alex went for One Of Those - Baileys, Creme de Banana and butterscotch.  Also awesome.  Nibbles are always a bonus and we weren't disappointed with the dried banana crisps. I'm not sure if they are healthier than normal crisps or not but they were polished off within a few minutes.

So now we are back in the room.  I'm enjoying a glass of the local wine before we head out for our first dinner at Six Senses.

The hotel also show movies on a large screen on the beach from 9.30pm and serve homemade popcorn.  Seriously, can this place get any better?

I will let you know tomorrow.


  1. Great location, also one of my favorites, cheers, Rob

    1. Amazing isn't it? Definitely hoping to return one day!

  2. Yes, sure! I lived one year in Phuket, still missing this lifestyle. BTW, just next to the Sixsenses is the Koh Yao Island resort (http://www.koyao.com) The owners of this smaller resort developed the Sixsenses too. Best, Rob

    1. That resort looks incredible too. How wonderful to have lived there for a year. I so miss the weather now I'm back in dreary London!

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