16 February 2013

Zuma Lunch & Cocktails

You know when all you want is a good cocktail?  But I mean a really good cocktail.   Where do you go?  Of course you are never far away from a cocktail bar in London but many of them are only half-decent and you end up feeling that once you've had one cosmopolitan you've had them all.

But have you tried a Zuma cocktail?

Zuma is a Japanese restaurant you'll find on a side street in Knightsbridge.  It's ultra-chic inside and makes it hard to believe that there's actually a recession on.  If you read the Daily Mail showbiz column (I know none of us like to admit it) you'll often see a celebrity or two photographed leaving here after a hard night's spending.

I visited Zuma today for a special lunch with my friend Angela.  We perched at the stylish bar and scanned the cocktail menu.  I made a decision to begin with a mascapone and cream martini.  Starting on the creamy cocktails before lunch is perhaps not the wisest idea but cheese in a cocktail?  I couldn't resist.

One thing led to another and before we knew it, we were enjoying a rhubarb martini and a cherry fizz.  And lunch hadn't even begun!  

Zuma is a relatively small restaurant, intimate with moody lighting and a friendly service - and so it should be at 13.5% service charge.

We decided to order a few dishes - three large and two small - and share the lot.  The food comes as it's ready so don't expect everything to arrive in one go.  So what came first?  It was the rather frightening looking assorted vegetable tempura and the avocado and herb salad.

Then along came the beef sirloin, the sake marinated roasted duck and the miso marinated black cod wrapped in a hoba leaf.  

I have to say, the cod was something very special.

The food in Zuma is fabulous.  It's not cheap but the dishes are absolutely bursting with flavour and the portion sizes are good.

But we still had room for dessert!  It would have been rude not to indulge!

Please stand for the banana cake with coconut ice cream and peanut toffee sauce:

And the strawberry meringue ball with jasmine sorbet:

Art on a plate!  Beautiful!  And delicious.

So then back to the Zuma bar it was.  

By this time it was around 4pm so we pretty much had the bartender to ourselves...which lead to this concoction!

We concluded that it was basically a cold Irish coffee but it was very tasty!

And this is he - Enrique - cocktail extraordinaire!

A wonderful long lunch was had and it's difficult to fault our visit to Zuma.  Probably the best cocktails I've had in London so far.

But I'm still looking...

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  1. Have you ever tried a Dirty Martini with 3BAR OLIVE JUICE?

  2. Ooh no I haven't. Would you recommend?


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