17 March 2013

A Big Breakfast and a Greek Girlie Feast

Caroline            Alex

Another day, another pop-up. And this time a breakfast bonanza.

The Breakfast Club have just launched a run of Sunday morning events in the form of Super Sundays, hidden away at the Islington Metal Works.

The venue is open, bright and decorated with cute bunting and fairy lights. As you walk in a DJ on your left stands up high playing tamla Motown and northern soul music - I'd have been tempted to have a boogie if I hadn't woken up only an hour before!

The menu is certainly hefty consisting of most of the brunch dishes you could think of.

I always find eggs benedict hard to resist but I wanted to try something a little bit different. So I went for the Huevos Al Benny - poached eggs, chorizo, roast peppers, avocado with spicy hollandaise on an English muffin.

Not a bad portion size, eh! The chorizo was excellent, the avocado creamy and the spicy hollandaise scrumpious...and most importantly, the eggs were perfectly runny!

I decided to have a cup of tea although the Bloody Mary's and other cocktails would have been tempting had it not been 10.30am! 

Alex's All American breakfast was pretty awesome too.  Although he had to specifically request maple syrup which was a bit odd...

Certainly not scrimping on the food portions, Super Sunday provides tasty food at great value for money in a lively morning atmosphere. There are limited reservations available but they accept walk-ins - open 24th and 31st of March, 9-5pm.


Caroline     Tina     Hayley
A few hours later and it was time for another waistline expanding meal - lunch with the girls at Lemonia in Primrose Hill.

Local haunt of celebs such as Kate Moss and Jude Law, the restaurant is family run and has been serving authentic Greek cuisine in London for over 30 years. The food is tasty, the decor is homely and the service incredibly friendly. I always look forward to visiting.

We decided to order the meze for three.  In hindsight, this probably wasn't the best idea as there was enough food for about six!


The small dishes come in three separate courses but there must have been about twenty dishes in total!

  Needless to say we didn't manage everything but we did our best!  

The food was great and our tummies filled as we chatted blogs, babies and boys.

We carried on the catch up over at The Queens pub down the road.  

The Queens is a cosy pub with cute decor and a happy atmosphere. 

We had a fab time catching up, finished our drinks and headed off back into the rain. Has it actually stopped raining this weekend?

Big day of baking for me tomorrow - thirteen boxes of cakes to be precise! I'm going to set my alarm for 5am so I won't be panicking at 11pm that I'll never get to bed. I'm sure I'll let you know how I get on!

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  1. Those breakfasts look amazing. I could eat pancakes and syrup right now, I'm craving some after seeing this! :)



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