25 March 2013

Cheer-Up Bags

What is going on with the weather? Snow in late March?  A few weeks ago there were positive hints that Spring had sprung - a few periods of warm sunshine, the smell of cut grass, tulips miraculously appearing in my back garden (for the second year running!).  Then something changed and we were thrown head first back into the depths of winter. The hats and earmuffs have returned for Jimmy Chew's walks through the damp and waterlogged park. The hiking winter boots are back to stop me slipping on the ice. 

But that doesn't mean things can't still be bright and cheerful!  Spring might have regressed but I'm looking forward to little dresses, ballet pumps and cute bright bags. There's nothing like a bit of online bag-gazing when outside is blue. And the colour I'm salivating over isn't blue, but coral. Warm, funky and bright - quirky but ladylike. Since I laid my eyes my friend's coral Jimmy Choo bag I've been scanning the web for one to possibly add to my collection.

1. Rag & Bone Pilot Small Satchel, £570.00 - Okay, so not really a bag on a budget. But it is my favourite, unsurprisingly! It's the perfect size for daytime and evening and just perfect in my eyes.

2. Hobb NW3 Byron Bag, £99.00 - casual and super girly, this would be perfect on a spring or summer day partnered with a cute white dress.

3. River Island Laser Cut Contrast Trim Bowler Bag, £37.00 - I love the contrast brown straps on this bag. A really cute casual bowler for all occasions.

4. River Island Croc Effect Bowler Bag, £40.00 - Another bowler bag (I am partial to them) but this time with a cool croc effect. Really feminine.

5. Marks & Spencer Cotton Striped Shopper, £25.00 - Affordable, simple and pretty. Could be a great holiday bag too.

6. Orla Kiely Iris Cross-Body Bag, £228.00 - This bag is soooo pretty and feminine. Just a gorgeous little spring bag. The contrast of the zip tags sets it off.

7. DKNY Patent Scarf Shopper, £111.00 - More pink than coral but I couldn't leave it out. I think this bag would be a great city bag with the scarf adding a bit of extra glamour.

8. Oasis City Bowler, £35.00 - Another cute block colour bowler, great value and spacious.

Seen anything you like? :)


  1. Nice! Love numbers 1 and 7 :) I agree with needing more color these days because it just looks so sad and gloomy every time I look outside the window or step out of the house to go somewhere. I want this weather to stop now!

    One a side comment, I am looking at this photo of the sea that you have above your blog archive and I´m thinking about my country right now where it is warm and perfect beach weather as it is summer. But alas, I am 11,000 kms. away.

    Great post! :)

  2. Thanks! I love number 1 too but can't quite justify that price! It's nice to just stare though ;) Hopefully the weather is going to perk up soon, the cold is sooo boring now.

    Ah, that picture on the right is taken in Zante in Greece. I bet Spain is lovely and warm right now. I'm going for a weekend in Cannes soon so hoping for a bit of heat then!!

  3. WOW! What a stylish collection of lather bags! I like the designs. I have the peach colored bag, but in different brand. I purchased it from The Bag Shop. The most amazing thing about this bag is that it is very comfortable to carry and goes with each outfit.


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