8 March 2013

Disco Bistro EC4

I first heard the rumours about a new pop-up restaurant called Disco Bistro a couple of months ago when the bold claim of 'the best fried chicken in London' caught my eye on Twitter.
With these words ringing in my ears, I made my reservation. And my visit has been a long time coming.
I was also due a catch-up with Paul, a friend from my days as an insurance broker, so the date was made.

Situated on a winding lane in St Paul's, on the ground floor The Rising Sun is just an ordinary pub full of suited city workers watching the football on the big screen.
Upstairs though is a very different scene.
The restaurant of only a few tables is dimly lit by candlelight and ad hoc artwork is splayed around the room. We loved the use of bus seats at some of the tables!

We ordered cocktails - mine, a Head Banger served in a mason jar - ate our delicious soda bread and considered the menu.

We decided to share the sticky fried chicken wings and the 'Duck Fiend' (an imaginative foie gras and bbq duck combination) to get us started. And gosh, were the wings worth the wait! Sweet and sharp and incredibly tangy, they were just fantastic and deserving of the hype. I've seen them described as a 'vinegary wonder' and I think I'm going to borrow that description.

 They were a vinegary wonder.

And I can confirm that they are definitely as sticky as advertised!

The duck was a treat too (I'm not doing very well in my 'no more foie gras' plan am I?).

Following a few last minute mind changes on the main course (it's difficult when it all looks SO good) Paul went for the Disco Burger and me - a sucker for anything offal - I went for the Galloway rump steak with bone marrow.
Both plates are served with dripping chips...mmm.

The steak was excellent, cooked medium rare and beautifully tender. For me, success is usually in the sauce - I love a good sauce - and here it was creamy and delicious. Lovely crispy chips too. Neither of us was left disappointed.

For pudding, we had the hot chocolate doughnuts.

It's chocolate and doughnuts. Doughnuts with chocolate. I don't think I really need to say much more on the matter.

Disco Bistro was a real success and worth waiting for. It's a buzzy, cool little place but very chilled out and a perfect venue for a good catch up with friends.
I love a bar or restaurant where I can actually hear everything being said - my hearing isn't fantastic and I can really struggle in loud, bustling places - but no such problems here. This place has comfort food down to a T.

As I understand it, it's only around until the summer (such is life for the pop-up) so don't leave it too long to make your reservation. Come on - chocolate and doughnuts!!

P.S. As I needed to keep a little bit of room for those doughnuts, I didn't quite eat all my steak. But I didn't want it to go to waste and I had a feeling I knew who would really appreciate it.

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