11 March 2013


Last week, whilst sifting through one of my many bookmarked foodie websites, I came across an advert for Feast - an event held at Tobacco Dock in Wapping that promised street food from some of London's most exciting restaurants; Hix, Monikers, Wright Brothers and Bone Daddies to name but a few. Tickets were £8 each and I booked mine for Saturday afternoon.

I'd not been to Tobacco Dock before and it's kind of in the middle of nowhere but I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived to find pretty candle adorned tables, beautifully decorated food stalls and live music. I'd been expecting ten food vans in a car park if I'm honest! 

We were immediately hit by the incredible mix of tempting smells and making the decision of where to eat first was a beautiful dilemma. There was so much choice! 

But we went for the natural choice: a pork pie! And a mini beef shin pie too, served with piccalilli. Both courtesy of Monikers - a very recently opened addition to the Hoxton food scene and included on my geeky spreadsheet of restaurants I plan to visit. 

Luckily, most of the food here was served up in reasonably small portion sizes so Alex and I were able to share our varied lunch and not get too full up too soon - there was too much food deliciousness to try and getting stuffed early doors was not an option!

The pies were a treat and a quality start to what was looking to become quite an appetizing afternoon.

No street food visit could ever be justified without a good burger. In this case, it was the cheeseburger from Elliot's Cafe. Great description:

Is your mouth watering yet? The result was this little baby:

A fabulously juicy hamburger patty cooked to a perfect medium rare and just the right burger to bun ratio. Again, served in a wonderful little portion size.

A definite thumbs up.

I've always been a bit of a sucker for good old fashioned macaroni cheese. There really is nothing not to like about it! Especially when served in a massive vat...

Here are the fab menu names and descriptions at Anna Mae's

We decided upon the Kanye Western. I for one had never tried macaroni cheese served with hotdog, barbeque sauce and crispy onions and it needed to be experienced.

A taste bud sensation, for want of a phrase that means the same but is much less cliché. The macaroni cheese itself was probably the best I'd experienced but this odd little combination and tangy sauce just took it to another level on the cheesy scale. Thank you Anna Mae's!

The live music that was playing throughout our visit really added to the cheerful festival atmosphere.

I've no idea what this means

But here are the macaroons in question, which I didn't try...surely the little babies from Petrus on Valentine's Day couldn't have been bettered and I didn't want to waste valuable appetite space. 

But they looked very impressive.

Talking of sweet and colourful things, look at these beautiful meringues by The Meringue Girls

I recognised one of the Meringue Girls from my term at Leith's School of Food and Wine and it was nice to see that she'd gone on to set up this great little business. The meringues were all different flavours and served with caramel, chocolate and cream or rhubarb, cream and strawberries. 

Back to the savoury side of the street. Pizza was being freshly prepared and thrown into the pizza oven before us.

And I had heard a few very good things about Hix's Fish Dog on Twitter and I had to pay them a visit too. 

Their take on the old school fish finger sandwich is something a bit special. Juicy breaded coley fish served in a warm bun with creamy homemade tartar sauce AND minty mushy peas AND ketchup! Delicious!

Here are some more burger buns being prepared at Patty & Bun.

So was I full up yet? Getting there. Still room for more? Yup!

Time for something a little different at The Good Egg.

Breakfast was long gone but as a big omelette eater (I do enjoy my goat cheese omelettes most mornings) I decided to give the Buenos Huevos wrap a go. 

Beautifully presented

A very tasty vegetarian choice. The wrap was filled with soft omelette, avocado, chorizo, potato and black bean salsa. A healthier option from all the gooey cheese and burger temptation elsewhere! 

As you would expect, some stalls were attracting more customers than others - Big Apple Hot Dogs was getting a lot of custom

as were the macaroni cheese and burger stalls. 

But most popular of all had to be Spit and Roast. 

The queue was a little long for our liking - plus I was a little burger'd out - but I did have a quick look to see what all the fuss was about. It looks like quite a hefty chicken burger!

For us it was time for dessert. There wasn't huge choice - obviously the meringues and macaroons. There were also crepes. 

But I'd never had a waffle (apart from the Birdseye potato variety of course).

Waffles with red berry compote and Grand Marnier infused white chocolate sauce.

Definitely looking like the cat that's got the cream here.

The waffles were delicious with the fruity topping and slightly boozy sauce. 

A very tasty ending to a great Feast event. I'm not sure when or where it will be held next but I would definitely recommend it. They sell wine, beer and champagne here too so if you come down in the evening it could make for a pretty damn good night out! 

And my favourite food purchase of the day? Probably the barbeque macaroni cheese! Always great to come to these places and try an original recipe and food combination you'd never think to make.

As for me, my Saturday night out was at a 70's party in Essex for my friend Paul's 40th birthday. I found this jumpsuit on the Escapade fancy dress shop website and I actually really loved it!

A fun night was had and perfectly rounded off for me with a rousing chorus of Sweet Caroline! Sore heads were had the following day...


  1. My mouth is watering at all those pictures! Looks like a great day, I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for future Feast events!

  2. You should! There was so much choice of delicious food and a fab atmosphere too. Make sure you turn up starving though :)


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