29 March 2013

Happy Easter!

I just wanted to wish you a Happy Easter!

Tonight I consumed my first whole chocolate Easter egg. And not a small one, oh no. An entire Walnut Whip Egg. It was delicious and I don't feel guilty. Unlimited chocolate consumption is okay during the Easter break and the calories do not count. We all know that.

Now we all tend to associate Easter with the same things: the resurrection of Jesus Christ, chocolate eggs, a long weekend and of course the Easter bunny.

Aaaaaaah, the Easter bunny. What isn't adorable about a cute bunny providing chocolate eggs for all the children? Surely nothing.

Well how about this?

Or this?

Yes ladies and gentlemen: these are the creepiest, most soul-scarring and, quite frankly, shoddy Easter bunnies you have ever seen. 

But they are rather hilarious.  How did they even happen??

Hoppy Easter!

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