4 March 2013

Phuket Town Market

One of the many incredible things about Thailand and its people is the wonderful array of food they produce. I've always been a big fan of Thai food (especially a duck red curry with lychees and pineapple...mmm!). So we decided to take a trip to Phuket Town to visit the market.

As you'd expect, there are hundreds of stalls selling t-shirts, trainers, bags and many many strange items (a Choke the Chicken plastic toy, for example) from around $1 to $15.  But for me, it was the food stalls that was the main attraction.

As Alex noted, it's difficult for the nose to process all the different smells that hit you! Local people sit at grills turning skewers, making sauces, preparing meat and vegetables. 

As well as fruit and veg, there is a hell of a lot of meat (vegetarians may want to scan down quickly)

We had no idea what a lot of it actually was..

Lots of seafood in many forms...

And what market stall would be complete without bugs and locusts. Mmmm, spread them on your crumpets...


But here is a little light relief! Of course they do sweet things too! And how bright and cheerful they are

Angry Bird sushi anyone?

And the miscellaneous section (guesses welcomed)

Security is paramount at Phuket Town market

Don't mess with him, he'll have your ankles

After a nice long rummage round the market, we headed off for some dinner and a few drinks in chaotic Patong. Patong is the main tourist area of Phuket and it is full of hundreds of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, ping pong shows and ladyboys.

A fun evening of beer and people watching was had and we were tucked up in bed by midnight ready for our final day of sunbathing before we fly off home to good old Blighty.

I can't wait to see my little Jimmy Chew!

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  1. Hi Caroline - great pics, thanks for posting, interested to know if you took the photos at the Phuket Weekend market near Wat Naka, or if this was a different location market in the town itself? Looked great and we would like to visit when we are in Phuket in June. If in the town and available through the week, do you know the name of the street where this is located? Many thanks, M, New Zealand

  2. Hi M! I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures. Yes it is the Phuket Town weekend night market which is opposite the Wat Naka temple. It's open from 5pm but only Friday to Sunday. It's definitely worth a visit and one of the things I particularly liked about it (aside from the food!)was that the stall holders don't put any pressure on the visitors to buy. It's pretty laid back. I hope you have a wonderful visit in June! Caroline

    1. Thanks Caroline, sounds good. I thought the weekend market was only Saturday and Sunday, so now I have learned something else! Great that it also operates Friday night. I am keen to try the duck curry as I adore duck and it's jolly expensive in NZ! Thanks for such a great post, I will check in from time to time to see what you are up to. Your cakes are works of art, well done! :) M

    2. Thank you! :)

      The duck curry here really is heavenly, I really could have had it every night! I try not to become too much of a creature of habit though! Haha.


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