25 March 2013

Pies, Piff and Partying

This weekend was a good one. One that was filled with good food, laughter, lovely friends and lots of dancing. This is my kind of weekend.

It began on Friday night when Alex and I met up with our friends Dan and Liz. We dined at a restaurant in Soho called Bob Bob Ricard. I'd been recommended the restaurant by a friend and as it was nice and close to the theatre we'd be visiting later on the evening, it was the perfect time to try it for myself.

As we approached, the huge glass framed doors were opened for us by two doormen and we were greeted very warmly. The inside of the restaurant is reasonably small and the decor very luxurious. Chandeliers hang from the ceiling and it all looks very expensive and shiny.

And this was right up my street:

Each booth had its very own champagne button! A nice touch I thought.

The restaurant offers English and Russian classics and the menu was one of the best selections I'd seen in a long time. Luxury comfort food, I'd suggest.

I decided to start off with the Three Cheese Soufflé made with Parmesan, Wigmore and Shropshire Blue Cheese.

For a cheese lover like me, this was a real treat - really light but ultra cheesy. The little apple and hazelnut salad was tasty too.

Having been craving a good pie for a while, I ordered the Chicken, Mushroom and Champagne pie served with truffle gravy for main.

Look at this work of art, complete with Bob Bob logo

Although there wasn't quite enough pasty for my liking (I do favour a fully encased pie!) the filling was rich, tender and delicious. The truffle mash was a really tasty accompaniment and was served so very neatly!

The Black Cherry Amaretto Sour deserves a mention too.

We each had a really good meal at Bob Bob Ricard and although it's not cheap, the food is delicious and hearty - not the posh arty-farty food you often get at these types of restaurant. Unfortunately we didn't have the time to sample the dessert menu as we had to hurry on over to the Soho Theatre where we were seeing Piff The Magic Dragon. 

As I didn't see Penn & Teller's Fool Us on ITV a few months back, I missed Piff who I understand was the stand-out act on the show. Dan and Liz had invited us to go along with them to see his act and after a quick search on YouTube, we gratefully accepted.

I'm sure I wouldn't be the first to compare him to Jack Dee who must be his inspiration. But imagine Jack Dee in a dragon outfit. With a chihuahua called Mr Piffles.

Dead-pan and genuinely funny, he is also a really talented magician. Some of the tricks and illusions he did during the show were quite jaw-dropping. His reactions to things that seemingly go wrong during the show are hilarious too and the added cuteness of Mr Piffles makes his show one that is really enjoyable.

There is audience participation too so if like me your stomach turns over every time the lights turn onto the crowd, perhaps don't book seats in the front row!

Bob Bob Ricard
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Waiter Service
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Saturday afternoon it was off to Euston station to catch our 1pm train to Manchester.

Mary, Paul and I were off oop north for a night out on Canal Street. Despite being the centre of the city's Gay Village, Canal Street attracts a diverse mix of people - gay, straight, young and old - all with the same intention: to have a great night out.

We had packed our most sparkly wardrobe items and our highest heels and were were off!

To warm up and make the train journey much more enjoyable, I took along my magnum of champagne that I'd been given on my 30th birthday and still hadn't drunk.  What better time than now? Although popping the cork in the middle of a crowded train was a bit daunting!

Until it popped with a rather disappointing "pfff"...

Having been a little delayed, we arrived around half three. We stopped for a drink on the way to our hotel and speculated on the night ahead of us. Paul is a bit of a nightlife expert when it comes to Canal Street, being one of the most fabulous trannies in town, so we left the planning to him.

And so onwards to the hotel to get ready to party. In a haze of heels, curling tongs and makeup, in just under a couple of hours Mary, Chantelle and I were ready to hit the town.  In the freeeeezing cold!

Following a lovely spot of dinner in Velvet, we hopped from bar to club enjoying the incredibly friendly atmosphere and dancing our socks off! The street is jammed packed with choice and buzzing with energy. Few venues charge an entry fee and drinks are so cheap compared to London.

The range of music is very broad - one minute we were dancing to trance and the next, PJ and Duncan.  There were drag shows at some of the bars that were hilarious and great fun!

I think we finished up about 4am with sore feet and sore heads but a fantastic night was had.

The train home the next day seemed a hell of a lot longer than the one going up, unsurprisingly!

But soon I was back at home in London with Alex and a rather fluffy little dog.

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  1. Looks like a great weekend, I LOVE the Bob Bob Ricard logo on the top of the pie! Genius move


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