22 March 2013

Russell Brand, Mormons and Cake

People who know me reasonably well will almost certainly be aware of the following things about me:

#1  I love Elvis Presley
#2  I bake cakes
#3  I have a weird infatuation with Russell Brand that no-one else understands

Two of the above points will be partly covered in this post (the inevitable Elvis post can wait for now).

Caroline        Mary
On Wednesday night, Mary and I went to a Teenage Cancer Trust comedy night at the Royal Albert Hall. I like to think that I'm quite a generous person when it comes to charitable causes and I would love to back this up by saying that I bought the tickets purely in order to support this fabulous organisation that helps young people with cancer in the UK (it really is amazing).

But if I'm totally honest with you and myself, I bought the tickets because of Russell Brand.

My little obsession with Russell Brand began sometime back in 2006 when he started hosting Big Brother's Big Mouth. He was new and exciting and I thought he was pretty damn funny. I got myself and my boyfriend at the time tickets to see him do a stand-up gig at the Roundhouse in Camden one Friday night.

I had been determined to meet him afterwards and somehow managed to get myself into the after party (although it appeared reasonably easy to do this if you were female and remotely attractive).

That evening I enjoyed the free drinks as I observed him mingling with the groups of pretty girls, often disappearing out the room with one of them then returning ten minutes later looking slightly more dishevelled than he was before. The guy had oodles of charisma and you just couldn't help but watch him.

Patiently, I waited for this to happen

He made time for everyone, he was friendly and I was happy.

So we were here at the comedy night at the Royal Albert Hall and Russell had teamed up with Noel Fielding - calling themselves the Goth Detectives - to entertain the few thousand people who'd come to see them.

Apart from Russell Brand's lone stand-up section in which he was as good as ever (biased, me?), the show was a little bit shambolic if I'm honest with Russell seemingly desperate to try and keep Noel and certain drunk audience members in check. One man, I expect, probably didn't remember the next morning that he was actually up on stage with them.

But it was all for a great cause and they kept things funny. Noel Fielding is endearingly amusing.

I was a little star struck when Noel Gallagher - who organised the event - arrived on stage to talk about the work that the cancer trust does.  Two Noel's in one room? What are the chances!

This guy was rubbish - didn't laugh once!

Here we are enjoying a little half-time vino

It was an enjoyable evening and we left the show a little early in order to make a late dinner reservation for Babylon at Roof Gardens which was just down the road. We didn't have much good to say about the food or the service particularly

but the raspberry mojito was delicious!


Earlier in the day I went to see The Book of Mormon at the Prince of Wales theatre with Alex. The show is pretty much booked up until late summer but I had managed to get us a couple of decent tickets for the matinee.

Written by the creators of South Park, it received incredible reviews during its Broadway run and won countless awards. I had to see it!

And it did not disappoint. It's probably the best thing I've seen at the theatre. Really funny the whole way through with fabulous music and great performances. I am now recommending everyone I know to try and get tickets for as soon as they can before it's sold out for the rest of 2013!


And finally, just a few pictures of the Red Velvet Cake I had to make today for a client.

It took a while but I recently perfected my red velvet recipe and now I'm really pleased with it. It's a bit more complicated than my previous recipes - in this one the eggs are separated and the whites whipped up and folded in carefully at the end - but this one produces a really nice soft and tasty sponge.

My client specifically asked for the cake to be filled and covered with the usual cream cheese buttercream but then - unusually - covered in melted milk chocolate

The finished article:

And all boxed up ready to go

Today I got some great feedback about the cupcakes I made on Monday.

"Am very pleased to report that Operation Cupcake was a total success! Your marvellous creations were gratefully received, scoffed and enjoyed in both Southampton and Exeter destinations. Had loads of favourable comments about how tasty they were - banoffee cupcakes have received the most praise so far, followed closely by the chocolate brownies."

I was really pleased.

Fingers crossed the Red Velvet cake will go down well too.


  1. The Red Velvet Cake photos are making me want to stuff my face right now. YUMMY!!! I´m sure it´s even better in my mouth and not just my head. Hahaha!

    I only know Russell Brand from the movie, Get Him To The Greek and that movie was very funny. My favorite line and still cracks me up, stroke the furry wall!

    I would love to see him stand-up act, that should be pretty hilarious :)

  2. The trouble with making all these cakes for clients is that I never get to eat them myself! Quite fancy trying the red velvet with the chocolate covering, hadn't done it before.

    You should see him in Forgetting Sarah Marshall too, love that movie :) He is really good at stand up and very quick-witted.


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