2 March 2013

Six Senses Days 2 and 3

I can't imagine that I'll write a post from anywhere more idyllic than the sofa on the decking of the Six Senses villa. It was just a coincidence really that I started writing this blog a month or so before the holiday of a lifetime - don't think it's going to be sun, sea and bikinis every day here! In four days we return to chilly old London town. Not that it's a negative for this blog, oh no. I have lots of plans for these pages and changes will be commencing early next week. So if you've just landed on this blog from the internet stratosphere, please do give it a Facebook 'Like' or a Follow on the right-hand side bar - it would be nice to have you back.

So back in Yao Noi, Phuket, the sun rises on another beautiful day.  Today is our last day here and at 11.30 Alex and I will be catching a speedboat back to the marina where we will be picked up by a representative from Trisara hotel - our final destination on this fantastic trip. Six Senses will be difficult to beat but from what I've heard of Trisara, it's going to put up some hefty competition.

These little guys are so much cooler than a do not disturb sign!

The past couple of days have been a mix of total relaxation and activities.

On Thursday we headed back to the beautiful spa for an hour of meditation. Neither Alex nor I had done this before but aside from a little discomfort trying to sit crossed-legged (is it just us who finds that difficult??) it was a very interesting session that introduced to us several different breathing techniques and ways to try and clear the mind from the outside world, just for those few moments. I'm going to try and have a few quiet minutes each day to do this when I return home (if the dog lets me).

Afterwards, we were given complimentary half hour treatments. I chose a foot massage (less painful than the reflexology luckily). At the end of our visit we were treated to their lovely ginger tea and nibbles - I love this stuff!

It's the attention to the tiny details at this resort that I think puts it a cut above a lot of its competitors. There isn't one tree or flower that hasn't been considered and nurtured. The grounds are stunning and you really feel like you could get lost just wandering around the mangroves and little paths. Even the toilets here are amazing!

While Alex was doing his Thai cookery class, I spent a bit of time at the beach

The sun was out from behind the clouds so I enjoyed a nice session of sunbathing. The tan isn't coming along too well though - I'm very cautious having been burnt quite badly in the past and it just doesn't seem to be happening this holiday. But I'm not giving up just yet!

This bikini is from River Island

I'm rather fascinated by this rock. You may well think us silly (you wouldn't be the first) but don't you think the markings on the side looks a bit like our little dog Jimmy Chew?

Here he is!

Well we thought it did!

Yesterday afternoon we did a cocktail making class.

Well, I say a "class". It actually consisted of Alex and I sat at the bar, choosing a cocktail and watching the bartender make it. Then drinking it. Isn't that just 'going to a bar'?

We chose to see how to make a Mai Tai (she made the Phuket version and a classic), a Mojito and a Caipiroska - one of my favourites.

I need to get me some of this...cookie syrup

Needless to say, we ended up a little bit hammered.

So back to the room it was to sober up, chill out and get ready for something quite special - the chef's table.

The executive chef at Six Senses is Anthony Reynolds - an Australian who has worked in restaurants and as a private chef all over the world, including Le Gavroche under Michel Roux. We had a short meeting with him earlier in the day to discuss our likes and dislikes and he created a six-course menu - just for us.

We were seated in the second floor of the Dining Room, facing the cooking station. It was fantastic watching Anthony at work as he chatted away to us.

Sorry the pictures aren't great but it was so dimly lit in there.

The food he created for us was fabulous. Even the cold pea soup was delicious and I'm not normally a fan of cold soup! But of course what made it so special was being able to watch the chef in action. How he manages to hold a conversation and cook such wonderful meals at the same time is beyond me!

It was a lovely finale to our stay here. We're off to breakfast now then it'll be time to pack again.

See you in Trisara!

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