4 March 2013


Our last port of call before we fly home is Trisara in Phuket.

We approached the hotel rather ominously to Hotel California by The Eagles. As we were driven through the huge gates we saw the grand building ahead of us - very different to the earthiness of Six Senses and Cocoa Island.

Our room wasn't ready when we arrived so we settled down in the rather empty restaurant for a spot of lunch.  I ordered myself a Thai Bloody Mary which tasted good but was so badly presented that I couldn't be bothered to take a photo *sigh*. Well actually, here it is in the background. The thing I'm holding is a fresh flower bracelet I was given by the hotel - cute.

We were approached by the manager who greeted us and informed us that we were lucky we had visited the hotels this way round as many people end up disappointed having been to Trisara then stayed at Six Senses afterwards.  A bold statement, we thought!

We were taken up to our room and it was indeed very impressive. The room itself was large and modern but it's the outside infinity pool that is the making of the room. This room feels much more 'Vegas' than the other two villas.

To celebrate the last few days of our holiday (any excuse) I decided to treat myself to a couple of glasses the champagne from the mini bar.


The hotel is west-facing so we have a beautiful view of the sunset from the room.

So this is one of my favourite things about Thailand....the mango sticky rice.

It's not great for the old no-carb diet but I think I'm going to have to give the recipe a go when I get home as I'm rather obsessed.

Here I am in one of the hotel hammocks.

We haven't really spent much time out and about in the hotel grounds - it's a little bit 'golfing resort' full of middle aged men wearing chinos and not looking like they're enjoying a holiday.

The room is the impressive part about Trisara anyway so why would we need to leave it?

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