6 April 2013

Cannes - Part 1

I have never been so excited to see the sun as I was when we landed in Nice yesterday. I think five months of cold and snow just does that to a girl.
Caroline         Mary 

Mary and I booked our visit to Cannes at the end of last year. We'd fancied a weekend of champagne, croissant and a little warmth.

I booked us into the Carlton Intercontinental - apparently one of the most photographed hotels in the world, frequented by movie stars and an enduring symbol of the Cannes Film Festival. If you want a bit of old school glamour in the Riviera, this was the place to stay.

The hotel was built in 1911 so it isn't the most modern of hotels but it's hard not to be impressed by the dazzling decor and general grandeur of the place.

And a complimentary chilled bottle of champagne to greet you on arrival is always a positive start.

The hotel is perfect if you like people watching.

You could sit in the hotel's bar for hours just looking at people! Most fascinating are the gaggles of preened fifty-something ladies dressed head-to-toe in Chanel and clutching their little pampered pooches

The bar at the Carlton is celebrated in Cannes and it's not difficult to see why. 

As well as a perfect place to chat away the hours, the cocktails are fantastic and the food delicious. 

The menus have printed doodles and signatures of many celebrities like George Clooney, Sharon Stone and Quentin Tarantino.

I'm not usually one to order spaghetti bolognese when eating out (especially in France!) but on this day I just fancied it. And it was a very good choice! Cheesy pasta heaven!

I got told off by a man in the hotel hall for taking photos. I'm not exactly sure why - perhaps I was risking the privacy of the inevitable V.I.P's staying here. 

Obviously, I duly ignored him and managed to snap away to my heart's content thus acquiring enough snaps to give you a nice overview of the hotel! Thank me later.

It was a couple of hours and a couple of cocktails after our arrival that we were ready for a bit of a walk along the promenade. The sun was shining, the temperature warm but it was a little blustery. No-one was taking a dip in the sea just yet, let's put it that way.

The road is lined with luxury shop after luxury shop. Rich locals tottered round in their Manolo Blahnik heels laden with designer bags.

We dribbled as we stared through the windows.  Especially here.

On the other more touristy side of the road, street performers entertained, modern art was displayed and ice cream sold by the bucket-load.

Cannes is definitely a dog loving city. A minute doesn't go by where we aren't "cooing" and "aaahing" over some cute little pooch in a diamante collar! They even get their own priority seats in the cafes...no cold floor for them!

And this is a cat in a buggy - why not indeed.

We headed back to our hotel room for a nap and then a shower to prepare for our first of two nights out in Cannes.

The Jimmy Choo's (a Bicester Village purchase) were making a special appearance tonight!

We were heading to Le Baoli; a very fashionable restaurant/nightclub frequented by many a movie star and yacht-hopping billionaire. 

We arrived at 9pm for our table reservation. The DJ had already started pumping out classic song after classic song on the decks (the music in Cannes has been amazing so far - a mix of pop, hip-hop and dance). 

We were surprised that it wasn't very busy this Friday night but there was still a really fun atmosphere, the food was very good (especially the creamy pasta that came with our steaks!) and the waiters were particularly friendly for a venue that can attract such an elite crowd.

Here is the bar that they decided to set on fire every hour or so. 

After our meal (which - surprise surprise - wasn't cheap) we hit the dance-floor for a while before we decided to move onto somewhere a little busier. 

We were intending to try a bar I'd read about called Charly's but the doorman recommended we go to a place called BPub. So he sent us off in a taxi heading there without much discussion on the matter! 

And it turned out to be a great choice. 

I.D'd by the doorman as we arrived (I love that this still happens to me at age 31) we walked into a room packed with young attractive locals dancing on the bars and sipping on vodka Redbulls. Again, the music was a fab mix of hip hop, pop and R&B - very dance-worthy!

We liked the pug interior decor

This was another place where they enjoyed setting the bar alight every once in a while.  Is this not a fire hazard?

We also found it rather amusing how half way through a drink order the bar staff would suddenly decide to forget all about the customer they were serving and jump on the bar for a little boogie! Rude? Nah, I think in this case it just added to the slightly crazy and rebellious atmosphere here!

We had a fantastic night and luckily our hotel was just a 5 minute walk away! Result!

And we managed to wake up at 8am the next morning without sore heads!

The sun wasn't shining today sadly but I wasn't going to let this deter me from wearing my sun dress!

We ate boiled eggs and soldiers at the breakfast buffet in the restaurant then headed off for another wander around Cannes.

It was nice to find some shops that were a little more in our price range! 

We stopped in a little cafe. We only intended to stay for half an hour to escape the rather blustery wind 

But ended up staying for two hours. Talking, eating and people watching in Cannes is something you can do for hours on end and then wonder where the time has gone! 

Due to the not-so-amazing weather, we decided to pay the cinema a little visit. 

The Place Beyond The Pines - which isn't out in the UK yet - was showing.  Bradley Cooper AND Ryan Gosling in one movie?  Yes please!

Two hours forty minutes later and we exited the cinema thoroughly depressed. Should we throw ourselves down the stairs or head back to the hotel bar for a cocktail to cheer us up?  

You can probably guess the outcome of that decision.

Well, I thought I'd update you on my trip so far. I'm going to go now and get ready for Cannes night out part two. 

The question is, do I go for the cute pink dress or the little red number...


  1. Little red number!

    The last cocktail looks delicious. Looking forward to reading what you get upto tomorrow.

    Lauren xx

    1. Ended up going for the pink but only because it was a dress that just hadn't been worn enough! New post soon :) x

  2. Cannes looks so fun! Love the cat in the buggy

  3. That's hilarious about the cat, only in Cannes! Those cocktails look so good and refreshing, perfect pick me up after a depressing film! I'm loving your blog :)x x

    1. You're so right, they were the perfect treatment! I wouldn't advise you not to bother seeing the movie...especially with the Cooper/Gosling combo...but have some cocktails at the ready at the end!
      So pleased you like the blog :)


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