8 April 2013

Cannes - Part Deux

When I left you at the end of my last post, Mary and I were getting ready for our second night out. I will continue our French adventure from there.
Caroline       Mary

At 10.30pm we were still in the room, chilling out and listening to music. Nightclubs don't open over here until at least 11.30pm - so different to the UK where most revelers are on their second bottle of wine by 7pm!

Mary and I had both brought our leather jackets away with us. I decided to go for the black cardi tonight. The risk of us looking more like Wham than glam was one I wasn't willing to take.

We were ready to go!

I went for the Alice & Olivia pink dress over the red one. I bought it in New York last summer and it's never really had a good outing so I decided it was time.

We had a quick glass of wine in the hotel bar. I've heard that in the summer months, when the outside area is all opened up, this is the cool and trendy place to be. This particular evening however, a short bespectacled man who must have been around fifty was loving his job on the decks. And although the clientele probably had a few billion Euros between them, this was much more laid back than the party atmosphere we were seeking.

We headed off to the Bay Club in the Royal Casino. We'd heard it was a nightclub that played 70's, Motown and disco so it had the ingredients to being a fun night out.

Still, despite being 11.30pm when we arrived, it was still a little empty!

They didn't sell Redbull here but they did have their equivalent which was this luminous blue colour!

The club did begin to fill but the music wasn't so much Motown. Instead they seemed to be playing all the songs I dislike so much that I banned the DJ from playing them at my wedding: 'I'm Walking On Sunshine', 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun', 'It's Raining Men' - that kind of thing. We had a little dance then decided to move on - avec blue tongues - to Charly's Bar, the venue we were going to go to the first night.

Situated on a lovely winding street, the interior of the bar is cave-like with its own little waterfall flowing down the back wall. The crowd were hip but the atmosphere friendly. We stayed until closing.

The nightlife in Cannes is great. We were here slightly out of season but this wasn't a negative as it meant we got to party with the locals. I always find it fascinating how other nationalities enjoy their nights differently in comparison to us Brits. Their priority seems to be to socialise, have fun, all the time looking uber cool. They drink but not to the point of ending up with their heads over the toilet bowl by 2am (I don't think the cast of Geordie Shore would fit in, let's put it that way).

When we got down to breakfast the following morning we were thrilled to see that the sun was shining and skies were blue.

Perfect for the little trip that we had planned for our final day.

We packed our cases, checked out of our hotel and jumped into our Med Tour car heading for Menton.

Menton lies on the French-Italian border on the edge of a bay between Monaco and the Italian Riviera. 

There is sunshine 331 days of the year - my kind of place!

We wandered along the promenade and took a walk on the pretty pebbled beach - tackled professionally by Mary in her five inch heels!

The girl's a pro!

There are several lovely restaurants along the promenade.

We stopped off at Le Tagliatelle.

I ordered the Fruit De Mer pizza which looked and tasted fantastic.

I could just taste that the seafood was incredibly fresh and the pizza base was thin and crispy.

A wonderful lunch.

We jumped back into the car and headed on to Monaco which was a ten minute drive along the beautiful winding roads.

Unfortunately, as we were leaving Menton the sun disappeared behind the clouds taking with it most of the delightful warmth that we'd been lapping up. The rain clouds filled the sky and started spitting rain down onto us.  Boo!

Monaco is the second smallest country in the world. About thirty-four thousand people live here. 

We had a brief wander round the gardens of Prince Albert's palace (I loved this statue)

Then were driven on the twisting roads that will become the Grand Prix circuit next month. 

But the weather wasn't holding up and a chill was in the air. 

We decided to have a coffee and cake in the Hotel de Paris. 

Delicious! Especially that little cream-filled sponge cake.

We had planned on eating in tourist trap Cafe de Paris but having taken our seats and been ignored by the staff for fifteen minutes, we decided to take ourselves and our Euros elsewhere!

It was approaching 5.30pm and we were soon going to have to return to Nice airport for our flight home. We had hoped to visit Eze but we probably spent a little too much time eating and not enough time touring!

At least I got this photo of the picturesque little town though. So pretty.

Our time in the South of France had come to a close which although a little sad for us, thrilled our bank balances. Mary and I had a fantastic time and it feels like we didn't stop laughing from beginning to end! The French Riviera is so full of glamour and there are so many interesting people to watch, amazing places to eat and cute little doggies to go silly over! 

All in all, a fabulous little break.

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  1. Looks like you had a great time, that cave bar is really cool. I'm hoping to go in the summer so thanks for the tips!
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