27 April 2013

Cocktail Crazy: Social Eating House / Reason & Mankind

Last night Beth and I visited two places that have one main thing in common: their rather eccentric and innovative cocktails.

Caroline      Beth
It was Friday night and we started our evening at a new London restaurant, the Social Eating House on Poland Street.

I get excited about trying these new places and I was pleased to get a reservation at this much anticipated addition to chef Jason Atherton's restaurant world (his most famous being Michelin star awarded Pollen Street Social).

Inside the restaurant it's vibrant and stylish with quirky people art adorning the walls. I was greeted warmly at the door.

We were seated and offered a cocktail while we considered the menu.

This was Beth's drink - a luminous orange sangria-type cocktail that came in a separate little bottle. Interesting!

The menu has a very nice variety of seasonal dishes. And if you like fish, you're in luck. I decided upon the Ravioli of Wild Boar Bolognese with peppered Hearts and Kidneys to start and Beth went for the Duck Smoked "Ham, Egg and Chips".

The ravioli was hearty, tender and wonderfully packed with the boar and offal filling. I love offal. The portion was quite small as you can see but seeing as I'd eaten three slices of bread before they even arrived, this was probably a good thing. Beth really enjoyed her interesting plate too, especially the pot of crispy chips acting as egg soldiers!

Our main course arrived not long after.

This is what posh macaroni cheese looks like. Very rich but cheesy and delicious.

My main was lamb neck fillet with sheep's ricotta potato.

The lamb was so incredibly tender that it needed barely any effort with the knife and fork for it to fall apart on my plate. And the potato - which I could have done with more of - was wonderfully creamy and cheesy. Exactly how I like my mash.

All in all a really lovely meal with fresh ingredients clearly combined with a lot of thought. It's not mega expensive either. The service was very attentive which we appreciated although they did tend to hover a little too much! But you can understand that as a brand new restaurant; it's great that they want to make a good impression on their first few diners.

Before we left we headed upstairs to the bar to try another of their cocktails.

The bar was busy but the staff kindly managed to get us a table after a short wait. The cocktails, however, took a lot longer. I think we were waiting about fifteen minutes but they were just about worth the wait. I'd love to tell you what they were - mine was something to do with Skittles - but I can't remember and the menu isn't online yet. So I hope the pictures will do!

Then it was a three minute walk down the road to Reason & Mankind - a new cocktail bar beyond a velvet rope and hidden downstairs in a building on Winsley Street. The venue is also home to Libertine nightclub.

Inside it's decked out with big colourful sofas and cushions. Intimate and cosy yet decadent. A video screen shows Charlie Chaplin movies above the bar.

We arrived around 9pm and it wasn't too busy so we were lucky enough to have the cocktail man all to ourselves (it was packed by the time we left at about 1am).

The cocktails here are all amazingly formulated and great fun. They are priced between £8 and £12 which I didn't think was too bad in comparison to prices in nearby hotels.

This is the menu, presented in a The Adventures of Mr Thake book.

Cocktails are served with smoke, syringes, popping candy, covered in bowler hats and set on fire (although not all at the same time!)

And they taste great too.

I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Reason & Mankind is both an intimate cocktail bar perfect for a post-work catch-up as well as a lively place to party later on in the evening. The staff were warm and it's not a bank-breaker either. A great little find and I will definitely be back. Here's hoping they'll keep adding new creations to that incredible cocktail menu.

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  1. Wahhhh, I need to get myself to London sharpish!! Those cocktails all look amazing and so so creative. A bowler hat?!? That's just plain awesome!!
    I'm totally loving the egg, ham, and chips too! A perfect meal for all us cutlery haters out there.
    Looks like a truly lovely evening for you glam girls
    x x x

    1. Well let me know if you visit and I'll pop down for a smokey cocktail in a hat with you! :D

  2. I really want a cocktail now, and it's 11am on a Sunday haha! I love it when drinks come in interesting bottles/colours/thingmajigs it just makes the whole experience that much better!
    I definitely need to start drinking more cocktails =)




    1. Bloody Mary's are acceptable at 11am! Haha! You're right, it makes it quite an experience when they put so much effort in. Luckily they taste great too and it's not just all for show!
      C x

  3. Caroline this looks incredible! The lamb fillet looks to die for! A friend of mine went to the Pollen Street Social and she said it was amazing so I'l definitely be trying here too xx


    1. I think you'd like it, it's very laid back and friendly and having the great bar upstairs is another perk

  4. Wow those cocktails look fantastic! Really great write up of Little Social, it's one of the next on my list to visit.

  5. This place is on my list! I love the Ham Egg and Chips idea and the cocktails look really theatrical which is always fun. Great post!x

  6. Oh! Lovely review and pics! I'm due for a visit there next Friday, nice to know what to expect- cannot wait for those cocktails!

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