21 April 2013

Let Them Eat Cake

Yesterday was a very good Saturday filled with a few of my favourite things:

Caroline     Angela

I was off to meet up with my friend Angela. I know Angela from my days as an insurance broker in the city and we always have lots to catch up on when we see each other.

We began our day in Browns Bar & Brasserie in Mayfair. It's sandwiched between Oxford Street, Regents Street and Bond Street - convenient for the keen shoppers among us. The beautiful Georgian building is light and airy inside and the staff were friendly. The perfect place for a spot of lunch.

I decided to order the Iberico Black Pig and Apple burger.

It was nice if a little on the cold side (as was Angela's burger).

And it probably wasn't worth the pangs of guilt I got from eating pig. I feel bad when I eat pig. Overall a bit of an odd food decision really.

Anyway, it was then off for a spot of shopping on New Bond Street. I unwisely decided to do this tottering around in my turquoise Louboutins. But I do love them so! Not so much the aching feet.

I didn't end up buying anything. Even I can be well-behaved sometimes! I just did a bit of window shopping and stared longingly at the Jimmy Choo bags, this one in particular. I also fell in love with a Mulberry summer dress but with a price tag showing £850, walking away was an easy decision. And after all, it was time for afternoon tea at Sketch.

Sketch is a stylish restaurant and bar set inside a Grade II listed building, once the headquarters to Christian Dior. The interior is absolutely fascinating - weird and modern!

The venue is split into six rooms: The Gallery, The Parlour, The Lecture Room and Library, The Glade and the East Bar. We were lead through to the Gallery for our afternoon tea reservation.

The Gallery is bright, grand and is surrounded by ever-changing video exhibitions with about ten projectors creating a continuous strip of light movement around the room.

We ordered our tea. I went for the Taiwan Oriental Beauty Oolong tea. Aromatic and sweet.

But much more importantly, we ordered ourselves a nice bottle of champagne to accompany our cakes and sandwiches.

Just a few sips of champers later and this lovely little stand of goodies arrived, complete with sauces, a palate cleanser and a little dish of sweets.

The sandwiches were fabulous and beautifully presented.

I loved the little quails eggs. 

The cakes were equally as impressive

Here is that lovely little palate cleanser

What a treat!

And the toilets in this place deserve a blog post of their own! They are surely the best toilets in the whole of London.

Firstly, you have the toilet domes - a cluster of glowing pods, each one a toilet, attended to by uniformed French maids.

How cool are they?

Then we were told by our lovely waitress about the upstairs toilets. They were something a little bit special, she said. They were only there for visitors to the private Lecture Room upstairs apparently but she said we could go and take a look...

These toilets were decked out like jewellery boxes

Toilet glamour in the extreme!

Before heading off, we went for a cocktail in the East Bar. This intimate little lounge bar has a cute circular sunken bar. I ordered a Avocolado - rum shaken with fresh avocado, pineapple juice, coconut and lime. I'd not had a cocktail made with avocado before but this one was creamy and delicious.

Finally, it was off to the Comedy Store for a couple of hours of stand-up.

I'd say I'm quite a hard one to please when it comes to stand-up comedy. I like Eddie Izzard, Frank Skinner and Russell Brand of course. But you can keep your Jimmy Carr's and your Lee Evans's (sorry grammar police!)

But tonight three of the four acts - Alistair Barrie, Louis Ramey and Steve Shanyaksi - were brilliant. Really funny. The Comedy Store is one of those places I'd been meaning to visit for years but had never quite made it. I believe it sells out most nights of the week and you can see why it's called the best stand up venue in the world. The atmosphere is fun and not at all rowdy as you understandably could think it might be.

Not a bad Saturday overall I'd say!

Sketch - Afternoon Tea
Bar Service
Waiter Service


And just in case you haven't seen enough cakes and calories on a plate, I thought I'd show you a few pictures of a raspberry tart I made on Friday.
I'm basically just showing off what my new camera lens can do...

And cupcakes...


  1. You had me glued to this post from the off! That pork and apple burger looks sublime, such a good combo.
    And as for the tea- what an amazing experience, all those beauties look almost too good to eat!!
    x x

    1. I know, I'm a sucker for meat and fruit combinations. Lamb and apricot...mmmmm.
      The little cakes and sandwiches were just so pretty. You should give it a try :)

  2. I've always wanted to go to Sketch but somehow never managed to go, something has always come up or its been closed. After seeing the toilet pictures I must go though! Sounds like an amazing Saturday =)
    If you like comedy maybe try the Bedford in Balham - I went and it was stomach-cramping-hilarious.

    Teffy X


    1. It's definitely worth it even for the toilets! Haha!
      I've not heard of Bedford, thanks for the tip!

  3. Oooh, sounds like you had a lovely evening. Your burger looks fab (I have no pangs about eating pork) and I haven't been to Sketch for years but I wish someone had told me about the upstairs toilets ! I only ever saw the pods. Glad you had such a fun evening !

    1. I don't know where the pig pang thing comes from really. I think I read once that they were really intelligent animals and that put me off a bit (not sure if it's true to be honest).
      The upstairs toilets were incredible! I've never seen so much glam in the lavvy!

  4. You and I basically hang out at exactly the same places, I'm going to Sketch this evening and I often meet the girls for cocktails in Browns. The Mews bar is ok aswell if you've tried it, it's hidden just behind New Bond Street and does a great mojito.
    That rasberry tart looks incredible and so do those cupcakes! sigh back to my apple :( xxx


    1. You're right, we do hang out at the same places! I've been to Mews many times, I really like it there! Agreed, great cocktails! The little alleyway it's on is just so cute too.
      Have a fab time at Sketch tonight! Are you eating there?

  5. Oh Caroline... You have just gone and put all my favourite things onto one single blog post! Happy happy days!
    Think I might need to check Sketch out next time im in the area, it looks incredible!
    Talk about crazy loos!
    Emily xx

  6. We did and I ate far too much and then we ventured on to the Mayfair bar and unfortunately thats where I drank too much! Not a good move for a Monday evening! :( lol xx

  7. Oh. My. Word. Sketch looks amazing! I had seen those 'toilet pods' in one of my friends Instagram pictures, but didn't quite find the right words on how to ask where it was. Thank you for clearing up hours of wonder! The tea platter is my idea of heaven and that raspberry tart is dreamy. I can imagine it going down incredibly well with the glass of white I'm currently sipping!

    Katie <3

    1. Mmm, raspberry tart and white wine! Dreamy combination!


Thank you for your comment!