18 April 2013

More Baking!

Another day in the kitchen today.

I hope you don't mind my posts this week being a bit cake orientated! And a bit short.

I have a big order for a two year old's birthday party on Saturday. Her Mum has ordered brownies, blueberry cupcakes, chocolate eclairs, scones and a raspberry tart. Today I made a start by making the main birthday cake.

Birthday girl Ruby loves Peppa Pig. They didn't want anything too complicated so a simple one-tier three-layer red velvet cake with the piggy design was the order.

I started on the sponges at 7.30am then popped off to to the gym at 10am for an hour whilst they cooled. I finished at about 5.30pm....even a simple cake takes several hours!

Here is the final cake.


  1. So cute! Love the red glitter, I bet the birthday girl will love it! I used to have great cakes as a kid too, I remember one particularly impressive Simba-shaped one

    1. Thanks Bella! I really hope Ruby and her Mum like it. Aah, I loved Simba! I remember having one of those caterpillar cakes with the smarties on when I was a kid!


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