23 April 2013

Organic Surge Million Dollar Brown Sugar Body Polish

It's not very often I get excited about a new beauty product. I guess I'm a little stuck in my ways with the things I decide to use - perhaps I should be more adventurous.

Because being adventurous can clearly pay off.

I bought Organic Surge's Million Dollar Brown Sugar Body Polish a couple of weeks ago. I saw a review of it online somewhere and with the hot British summer approaching - okay, with our summer holidays abroad approaching - I thought it was a good time to step up my skincare routine and get exfoliating.

Since it arrived in the post it's been sitting on my bathroom side, just looking at me. But today, the gorgeous brown kitchen style jar was finally flipped open and I gave it a try. And for me to actually take the time to blog about something that isn't cake, dog or cocktail related, you can imagine how impressed I was!

Firstly, you are hit by the lovely smell; no doubt the sweet orange and pomegranate oils. Secondly, you are slightly surprised at the consistency. Unlike your typical body scrub in a tube, it's actually quite thin and loose with a liquid layer on top. It needs a good stir before use and then it becomes a little thicker and easier to apply.

So what's so great? Well the organic brown sugar crystals eliminate dry or dead skin but also the blend helps to flush out the pores to ensure the skin is cleansed deep down. That is the clever bit and is very good news.

However, the thing I love the most is the 'super-blend' of sunflower, sweet almond, grapeseed and pomegranate oils that lock in moisture making your skin feel ridiculously soft without feeling remotely greasy.

I came away literally feeling like I'd just had a spa treatment! An excellent find!

You can buy it here for £32 per 400g. They also donate $1 (about 65p) of every product sold to charity, which is nice.

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