4 April 2013

The Lens

This will be just a short post so I can show you the first few pictures taken with my new camera lens.

I've been saving up a few pennies over the last couple of months and today I headed down to Camera Exchange on The Strand to see if they had any juicy second hand lenses for sale. They did - the macro 45mm 2.8! I've got no idea what any of those numbers and dots mean. None at all. The man did try and explain a few things to me in the shop but he may as well have been speaking Bengali.

So I'm going to get an 'Idiot's Guide' book or maybe go on a course. It would be mad to buy a lovely new lens and not get the full benefit. I do love photography - always have - but I've never really ventured very far into the big scary world of apertures and diaphragm mechanisms. I think it's time.

After my visit to the camera shop, I met Alex for my second visit to Disco Bistro. Alex has wanted to give it a go since reading my review in February.

They didn't disappoint either. The menu had quite a few changes to it which was great for me.

The sticky wings were even better than I had remembered and the carrot cake main course was inspired! Despite the beautiful mess it looks in the pictures below, Alex claimed the Disco Burger was the best he'd had in London in a very long time - quite an accomplishment! A special mention has to go to the soda bread. It's soft, sugar-topped and tastes as if it's literally just come out of the oven and onto your table. I might see if I can get the recipe...

Lovely service today too. But strangely it wasn't very busy. Start making your bookings people! It won't be here forever!


Right, time to sleep for me. I'm up very early tomorrow morning to escape from this insane April snow for the weekend and jet to the warmth of Cannes.

Au revoir mes amis!

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  1. The food looks amazing! This is another one my ever expanding list. Great photos also!! I have just started getting into photography so can't wait till I start producing photos like these! Better keep practising!


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