14 April 2013

This Is Jimmy Chew

There he is!

Jimmy is an 18 month old Keeshond. He's my first dog, gets spoilt rotten and treated a bit like a baby. It's not unknown for him to be given the odd salmon fillet for his dinner.

But he deserves it; he's grown up to be a very good little boy!

We brought Jimmy home with us back in November 2011 as a very cute 8 week old fluffy puppy. If we'd thrown a brown hood on him he wouldn't have looked dissimilar to an Ewok

Jimmy loves chicken

Jimmy loves little dogs with a sense of style

Jimmy loves causing havoc in the garden 

Jimmy loves to stare at Mummy for hours on end for no particular reason

And Jimmy loves to photobomb

He brings so much laughter into our house. Everyone should have an entertaining little ball of fluff in their life!

Today we were off to visit Mary and Andy in their new flat and we decided to take Jimmy - or James Herbert Chew as Alex likes to call him - along with us.

In anticipation of the weekend of good weather we were promised, the boots were left in the cupboard and the mouse flats were out

So far Jimmy hasn't been a big fan of being in the back of the car. Perhaps we hadn't taken him for enough car rides to get him used to it.

But today he seemed rather keen.

"Right Mum, I'm comfortable and ready to go!"

We popped in for some lunch at the Red Lion & Sun, a lovely dog friendly pub in Highgate that does consistently good food. Kate Moss celebrated her last birthday here, fact fans.

Jimmy stared up in anticipation of what delicious treat he was going to get for lunch today.

For my lunch, the decision was easy; it had to be the pub's excellent fish and chips

A burger and chips for Alex

And for Jimmy? We ordered him his own hot dog sausage. I told you he was spoilt!

Although eventually accepted, it took him a while to eat this sausage. "A dog, not demolishing a sausage in a few tenths of a second?" I hear you cry! Well Jim is a fussy eater. He likes to investigate anything new or unexpected thoroughly and properly, normally on what we call his Investigation Mat at home. Silly dog!

Lunch done, and we were back on the road again

And over to Woking to visit the guys. It was so nice to see them settled into their lovely flat. I brought with me a rotating spice rack as a housewarming gift. Every home needs a spice rack!

We were impressed with Jimmy who was very well behaved. We hadn't taken him to someone else's home before so we weren't sure what behaviour to expect but he was as good as gold.

Good boy Jimmy!


  1. He is SO cute! And seems very well behaved indeed.

    1. He's mostly a very good boy...but he has his moments!

  2. OMG I love this dog. What kind is he? He looks like my Chows just darker!

    1. He's a Keeshond (Dutch barge dog). He gets mistaken for a Chow quite often! Cx

  3. This post is very interesting
    And you have such a nice blog !
    I'm glad I found it


    Coline ♡

    1. Thanks Coline! I hope you enjoy it and keep reading!

  4. He's adorable!! And I love the photo bombing piccy!! I'm looking to get a dog soon, and thinking of starting a dog blog for first time dog owners... watch this space!!!

    Rosie xx

    1. What breed are you thinking of getting? Keep me updated with the blog! Sounds great! Cx

    2. I'm hoping to get a mongrel of sorts, my perfect dog would be a rhodesian ridgeback x boxer, but maybe I'll start off with a smaller breed! And just thought it would be a nice idea to blog the experience (the same way many do with babies!!) I will definitely keep you posted - when it does launch, details will be on my food blog :) Thanks for following on Bloglovin x

  5. Ha, I was drawn in by your tagine (which looks delicious, big fan of a tagine) but was completely and utterly sidetracked by Jimmy in your sidebar. This pooch looks like a freakin' superstar.
    That's it really!
    M x Life Outside London

  6. I love the fact that there are dog friendly pubs in London, I don't know of any around here (NYC area). My dog is spoiled rotten as well! I would take her everywhere with me, if I could!


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