12 May 2013

A Fluffy Weekend In Bath

Hello. I'm Jimmy Chew and I will be writing today's post on the family visit to Bath.

Many evenings I'll watch Mum tap away on this blog instead of throwing my toy and I've often thought I could be of assistance. Mum tells me all the time that I'm the fluffiest boy around and as I well know from the attention I get on my walks, everybody loves a fluffy boy. Blog readers will love me! And I refuse to let the fact that I have paws and no thumbs stand in my way. 

(I do hate not having thumbs though ☹)

When Mum told me we were going to Bath I panicked. I really don't like baths. 
This in particular was a very bad day

But Mum explained that Bath was a new place I'd not been to and this weekend we were going to take a trip there! To a hotel called Woolley Grange! Apparently it's 'dog friendly' but I can't figure out what that could mean. Who isn't friendly to me anyway? 

It took forever in the car and I HATE the car. I kept whimpering so that Mum would give me cuddles and bits of liver. Otherwise I honestly think I may not have survived. 

I was REALLY EXCITED when we arrived! It was a huge big building that I'd not seen before with loads of grass that I'd never sniffed! 

Grass is perfect for running! I just love running! It's one of my favourite things!

I pulled Mum and Dad up the stairs and into the building (they were being far too slow).

Inside we were greeted by some people who I tried my hardest to jump up at and say hi to but Mum stopped me again (why does she always do that?). The man took us to our room and inside there was a bowl of food and water, just for me! I finished it all immediately! So much nicer than the stuff Mum gives me at home.

I was SO happy! Look how happy I am!

I had a chillax on the bed

But Mum kept wanting me to pose for photos which was a bit annoying.

The weather outside was quite grey and cold which was prefect for me! 

And just look at all that grass to sniff and wee on!

We all went downstairs again as Mum and Dad wanted some dinner. I thought I heard the people who worked there say something about me not being allowed to sit with them in the dining area and Mum and Dad didn't seem very happy about it. I was confused as I've eaten with them in restaurants before and I was a really good boy - Mum told me so.

But I was still happy! I sat with them in the lounge instead and I waited for people to come in to greet!

It felt as though we were in there a long time and as I was on my lead I couldn't do much exploring. I just had to be a good boy. But I was still excited!

But Mum looked a bit fed up waiting to eat.

The food came and went without me getting hardly any of it. Just a tiny bit of duck skin. I do love duck skin though so I was pretty happy. 

Mum said only the warm hazelnut cake with pistachio ice-cream and panna cotta was worth a photograph on the blog post. 

Even though I thought the Woolley Grange Hotel was the best place in the world ever, Mum and Dad didn't seem to like it very much. They thought the room was tired and the staff a bit rude but I loved everything about it! Bath is definitely my new favourite thing along with chasing squirrels, sniffing and running!

I heard a few suspicious noises in the middle of the night so I decided to wake Mum and Dad up about two or three times by barking. I'm pretty sure they appreciated it.

The next morning we went into the main town. This place was much more busy and lots of people stopped to give me cuddles and say hello! Going to town is my new favourite thing!

Look how cute I look!

Apparently, Bath is nourished by natural hot springs and offers a unique experience with stunning architecture, great shopping and iconic attractions...

But Mum seemed most interested in looking at cakes and other nice things that I wasn't allowed to eat

I was a bit wary of the man in the fudge shop. Something about him reminded me of the vet.

But I really wanted fudge.

I pulled all my very best longing looks out the bag.

I still didn't get any. Sometimes my parents are so selfish. 

We were walking for hours around the city, it was really exciting! I even love just waiting outside the shops with either Mum or Dad while the other goes inside. I get most of my love from people outside shops!

I do like being allowed inside too though as there are so many things to sniff and people to say hi to!
It's my favourite thing!

Mum and Dad decided to stop at a place called The Assembly Inn for a drink. Toffee apple cider, apparently. I think it is Mum's new favourite thing. 

They had a chicken, gammon and leek pie with rosemary and thyme crust too. They loved it.

I really wanted the pie. I tried my cutest looks again.

This time it worked! A few leftover bits of chicken and pastry! Did I mention that chicken is my favourite thing?

It had been a long day and my little fluffy legs were pretty weary. As soon as we got back to the room I was dead to the world. Utterly pooped. 

It's tough being Fluff.


  1. OH MY gawwwwwsh, the cutest thing paws down I've ever seen! Jimmy Chew.. what a fabulous name!

    Katie <3

  2. Jimmy,

    You're a terrific writer and your photographer does excellent work as well. So enjoyed your trip to Bath. It was just like being there. We do love dogs who are media savvy. If you ever get to America, we have some nice resorts you'd probably enjoy visiting and writing about.

    1. Thanks Dog Newsroom, much appreciated.
      Funny you should say that because Mum and Dad have just got me my own doggy passport so America could well be on the cards! *paw*

  3. SO adorable!! What a great post to read on a Monday morning :) Glad you/he liked Bath! It's such a beautiful city.

  4. Love this post Caroline!
    I shouldn't laugh as much as I did at the soaked dog!
    Beautiful photos too of the cakes, the raspberry red really pops!
    Lovely :)
    Emily xxx

  5. This is great! I love it and Bath is so amazing! ^.^ ♥

  6. Glad you had a lovely time in Bath :)
    I live here and its such a beautiful city


  7. Ahh adorable dog!!!
    I went to Bath last year and you've just made me want to go back.
    I stayed at The Bath Priory Hotel which was really beautiful but Woolley Grange looks great! I will check it out for my next visit :)

  8. This little weekend trip looks DREAMY. So jealous!

  9. Fantastic photos!Love Bath.

  10. this is so cute! x


  11. I really really loved reading this post. It made me chuckle. Bath is such a beautiful city, looks like you had a lovely time away :-)

    Hannah x | lovelettersandsnippets


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