25 May 2013

After Hours Dessert

You know me, I love a pop-up.

After Hours Dessert is, as the name suggests, a dessert bar. It's temporarily based inside Allpress Expresso in Shoreditch. Don't arrive expecting anything savoury...it's all sweet here!

Four desserts are listed on the menu. You have to choose one to exclude and the remaining three are served up to you in delightful courses.

I decided to reject the Pink Grapefruit sorbet which sounded far too healthy!

You can order wine or cocktails to accompany your dishes. I had a cappuccino.

Course one arrived - strawberry mousse, fresh strawberry sauce, olive oil biscuit and pistachio crumb.

The mousse was deliciously creamy and smooth and worked so wonderfully with the crumbled biscuit and pistachio. The tangy strawberry sauce was gorgeous too. And isn't it just so pretty?

Spoiler alert: it ended up being my favourite dish of the evening!

Course two - another mousse, this time dark chocolate. Served with a malt whisky ganache, cherry gel and salted toffee sauce.

Rich and chocolaty with an unmistakable whisky hit. I loved the little crispy cornflakes that gave the whole dish a wonderful overall texture. 

And finally - coffee ice cream, sweet mascarpone and caramelised white chocolate.

The ice cream had melted a bit too much by the time it reached me but these things happen. Definitely lagging behind the first two courses in the tasty stakes but still very nice. It could have done with a bit more of the white chocolate that was promised.

This was a lovely little experience. I wouldn't suggest you come here on an empty stomach - you won't go away full up and the three courses were served over a period of about two and a half hours - but it's a nice place in which to hang out with friends, eat naughty things and have a cocktail or two.

In June, After Hours is moving to the Bird & Ballard in Shoreditch and will be held on 7th, 8th, 21st and 22nd June.

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  1. MMMM Now that's MY kind of restaurant! My sweet-tooth is unapologetic these dishes look incredible, will have to drag The Gentleman down there!

    Katie <3

    1. Yeah do it!

      I like The Gentleman thing, I saw that your other half has a blog too! Very cute! My hubby likes to remain somewhat incognito...


  2. 2 and a half hours seems like a rather long time for the meal....or was it more of an occasion sort of thing?
    We agree, that strawberry one looks absolutely divine.
    Please keep sharing your pop-up finds on twiteroo
    x x x

    1. Yes I think it was more of an evening event. Good if there was a group of you, like just a meet up at the pub. Not so good if you're with your hubby and just want to get fed! Haha!

      I will be sure to Retweet

  3. You are offering me some serious food porn lately.
    No objections.
    Love it.
    YUMMMMM xxx

  4. oh my god, a dessert only pop-up? I cannot believe I hadn't heard about this, thanks for sharing! The pictures look amazing, I definitely need to stop by.

    Teffy || Teffys Perks Blog


  5. This looks incredible!! Don't you just love Shoreditch! Thanks for sharing :)

    Hannah II www.the-london-blog.co.uk

  6. ooo I need to add this to my to-do list!


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