4 May 2013

British Day and Bunnies

Friday was British Day. And bunny day.

Caroline    Mary
Because we loved it so much the first time round, Mary and I decided to re-live Will and Kate's wedding all over again. I made some scones, bought some British sparkling wine, grabbed my Union Jack and headed over to Mary's to watch some royals.

I also had a couple of little additions to Mary's home to meet - Annie and Dory, two adorable eight week old bunnies.

Look how cute they are!

I wore my ears especially

Dory wasn't impressed

They are house bunnies so they don't need to be confined to their hutch which means Mary is currently in the process of toilet training them. I didn't even know this was possible with rabbits; I need to give our long-eared friends some more credit. 

So we all settled down to watch the wedding.  

Heart-warming! I can't believe it was almost two years ago already!

It was Friday night. We bid farewell to the bunnies and headed back into London. 

Keeping with our British theme, I'd heard from Katie and Chelsie's blog that Season - the Harvey Nichol's Fifth Floor restaurant - were honoring RHS Chelsea Flower Show's centenary by creating a selection of botanical cocktails. 

This, of course, sounded right up my street.

Here they are and aren't they pretty?

We had arrived expecting the cocktails to be fantastic - and they were, yay - however we were quite surprised at just how good the food was in this restaurant that, until Thursday, I hadn't known existed.

Look at this smoked salmon starter...how very arty!

And this was my roast breast of duck main course. 

 It was absolutely delicious. But what a massive portion! 

And this is Madge - the smallest and cutest mushroom in the world. 

Rescued straight from Mary's plate.

Here she is with Mary's main course

Enjoying the Chantenay carrots...

And doing an impressive balancing act

We liked Madge.

We had a really wonderful meal and beautiful cocktails at Season. There's a nice bar there too serving these cocktails if you don't want to eat. The service was really friendly too and they even replaced our drinks without a quibble when we realised we'd accidentally ordered two that weren't the botanical kind.

It was then on to somewhere a little more lively. I'd heard via Twitter about a new bar/club in Notting Hill called Roxx. We wanted to go somewhere that was unpretentious, fun and didn't play the usual house/techno music. As the name suggests, Roxx plays rock!

They describe themselves as an adaptation of a concert backstage lounge encompassing the best elements of Rock and Roll attitude, music and vibe in an intimate environment. I was sold.

We arrived around 9pm to a bar that was empty apart from three men, a barmaid and a DJ. And let's not forget the doorman! But the music was good and there was a nice atmosphere about the place so we decided to stay for a while to see if it picked up.

It didn't! About four other people turned up but that was it. We were told by the DJ that it was usually packed to the brim with people but tonight was an unusually quiet night. I almost didn't believe him.

One benefit of the lack of people was that I could keep badgering the DJ to play songs I like. I requested Elvis (naturally), Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel and the Vaccines. Within the hour he was taking all the club's tunes directly from my iPod - perfect!

We were also given a couple of rounds of fruity shots by the bar staff on the house which was very nice of them. I can imagine this place has a fab atmosphere when it's in full swing and I would definitely go back to find out. I don't think there are enough places in London that mix style and cocktails with music that isn't the same as everywhere else.

If you go there, do let me know what it was like.

It was a great day. Although sadly I did lose my bunny ears.

I wonder where they ended up.

Season, Harvey Nichols
Bar Service
Waiter Service


  1. Those cocktails look incredible! And how cute is Madge?! Star of the show has to be the two little bunnies though, what a lovely idea to keep house bunnies. I thought you could only do that with giant rabbits as they can't fit in a cage!

    Katie <3

    1. Madge was awesome, I miss her already! I thought the same regarding the bunnies. I thought toilet training a puppy was difficult enough!

  2. Those little bunnies look adorable. I'd love to have some. Just casually mentioned getting house rabbits to my boyfriend and he responded with 'you're joking right? No way'. So maybe no time soon then!

    Lucy x The New Northerner

    1. Maybe just come home with a couple of cute bunnies one day and say you found them wandering and rescued them. I'm sure he'd come round!

  3. Those bunnies are so cute! My friend has a little house bunny called nugget, he's a fluffy beige little thing thats basically taken over her house lol. The cocktails look gorgeous too and the food, especially the duck!

    Rebecca xx

  4. Woweee cocktails with cute little flowers?!? Hello best idea yet for the summer :)
    And that food looks totally phenomenal, you really do have a knack for finding hidden London gems.
    x x

    1. I've actually just bought some of those edible flowers for a party I'm having soon. They look SO pretty in cocktails!

  5. Wow, looks like you had a wonderful time :) And the bunnies are just way too cute! xx

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