27 May 2013

Disco Bistro 'Goodbye For Now' Party

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When I heard through Twitter that my favourite pop-up restaurant Disco Bistro was having a closing party, I knew I had to get me a ticket. Luckily, I was one of the few who actually did...they had all sold out within two minutes! Phew!

It was Bank Holiday Sunday - always a good day to go out and celebrate not having something annoying like work to go to the next day. It was warm and sunny outside and I was feeling colourful.

(My first wear of my new Senso heels - I got the very last pair on Asos and I love 'em)

The party started at 4pm and was being held at Rotary. Working on the menu with chef Carl Clarke were James Knappett (Bubble Dogs), James Petrie (The Fat Duck) and James Lowe (Young Turks). Quite a culinary combination!

We were welcomed with a glass of Disco Punch and settled into our table where we were to remain for the next few hours of this exciting gastronomical evening.

Here I am in my Bradley Cooper shades (with the proof!)

There was some tasty beef jerky waiting for us on the table to chew as we checked out the menu.

It wasn't giving too much away...

There were DJ's on the decks playing some brilliant tunes creating a real buzzy atmosphere. This definitely felt like a party rather than just another meal.

We decided the Disco Punch was so good that we should have another round. Or perhaps just a massive glass to share!

At around 5.30pm, the first bit of the 'Snacks' course arrived - the spiced lamb rib.

I'm not going to be able to go into big detail about what everything tasted like - as I've mentioned before, my palate for recognising every little ingredient really isn't the best - but you would be safe to assume that almost all of these dishes were crazy delicious and nothing like I'd tasted before.

Let's get back to those mouthwatering ribs...

Then the next part of the snacks. On the left below you have the chicken skin, rosemary, mascarpone and bacon jam.

In the middle the 'Quack fiend'.

On the right, a thick onion sauce.  

I can confirm it was all wonderful. Who needs bread when you can have chicken skin?

The duck was my favourite.

And I loved the little edible flowers, so pretty!

The Beginning (or 'The Begining' as the menu preferred!) was an asparagus, parmesan and duck ham cold soup. 

Despite not normally being a big fan of cold soup, I thought it was gorgeous. Nicely cheesy and the asparagus was crisp and fresh.

This was the cod wing with apple and garlic. 

This dish was nice but wasn't quite up there in the excitement stakes as the other courses we'd had so far. 

And now the bit I was most looking forward to: the 40 day aged smoked short rib with onion and caviar oil served with cheesy beer chips.

And oh my goodness, it was good. Really good. And colourful!

The meat was sweet and bursting with flavour. And the chips - well, Mary said they were probably the best chips she'd ever had and I think I'd have to agree with that. You can tell from the picture how crispy they were. And that cheese sauce....I'm craving them as I write.

And then there was dessert. Sweet syrup cake. Oh yes.

Served with fresh strawberries and cream.

A wonderfully light and divine finale.

I'd never had food so inventive and intriguing. I was on the edge of my seat as each course was placed in front of us and was never disappointed!

There were also a few extras. We were given a small glass of sake at the beginning and at the end some chocolate treats, a glass of Courvoisier and....smoke?

Not sure what that was all about but I don't know very much about cognac! Feel free to enlighten me!

What an incredible meal. Compliments to the chefs.

And here they all are!

The meal came to an end at around 7.30pm but this wasn't it - now was the after party. The music was kept pumping out courtesy of the guest DJ's (including Gizzi Erskine) and tonnes more people arrived. There was dancing in the bar downstairs into the early hours.

Seeing as everyone had eventually moved downstairs, the upstairs bar staff decided to let their hair down too. And I was on hand to assist.

Ugh, whisky. Luckily I declined a shot myself otherwise I think there'd have been a very sore head waking up the next morning!

What a great Sunday; just what Bank Holidays were designed for.

Thanks for the experience Disco Bistro! Please come back soon!

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  1. Oh wow, this looks like so much fun! Wish I had known about this. I really need to get myself down to more of these sorts of evenings. Looks incredible. You both look gorgeous too, beaut shoes ;)

    Katie <3

    1. It was great fun, I'd never know about any of these kinds of things if it wasn't for the world of Twitter!

      Thank you re the shoes...I love them!!


  2. Wowee, am so so happy you were able to get a ticket AND thanks a million for sharing it all with us!
    That food looks out of this world, with such awesome flavour combinations :) I hope they keep it up and move on to great things
    x x x

    1. Thank you! I really want them to pop up somewhere else at some point, their food was just tooo good

  3. I bet you were not half glad you managed to nab a ticket for that!
    The food looks second to none and I am definitely liking the fact that they know how to have a good party!
    Love your blue nail polish too!
    Emily xx


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