15 May 2013

Joanna Pybus Furry Clutches

Here's an accessory to make a statement!

These furry little bags have recently been brought to my attention by Coco's Tea Party via Twitter. They're kooky and a bit mad. Something so bold is never going to be everyone's cup of tea but I, for one, am a little bit in love with them.

Visit the Bengt website and you can take a look at the designs of Joanna Pybus, a young London based designer. Some of her items are a little more expensive but these little clutches are affordable, fun and eye-catching.

They would brighten up a dressed down casual look single handed and are sure to be noticed.

Fashion doesn't have to be serious!

Check out the fluffy tote bag

I have to show you her jumpers too. They're pricier at £270 and a bit 'out there' for my taste but I still like them - they look so cosy!

And Joanna herself spotted one in the credits of Made In Chelsea recently...that proves it's cool, right?

You can find the collection here. All the above bags are either £45 or £50.


  1. OH MY GOOOOSH they are crazy/bizarre/weird... but I kinda like them...?!

    Katie <3

  2. On my God these are crazy but I'm with you, I think I like them! Can you imagine dining out in the West End with that clutch. I bet they'd be loads of women who'd come up to you throughout the evening to ask where on earth you got it because they wanted one too!
    Think I'd have to say no to the jumper though, cute but no. Lol!

    Rebecca xx


    1. Very pleased it's not just me then!
      I have to confess, I bought the black one ;) So I will let you know what happens next time I'm out with it!
      Agreed on the jumpers

  3. Those bags are hilarious. They look a bit like little monsters and I could imagine them being a trend in Hogwarts (if Hogwarts was real!).

    Lucy x The New Northerner


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