2 May 2013

My Bracelet Obsession - Annie Haak

Those who read my blog regularly (you're out there somewhere, right?) may have noticed the bracelets I'm wearing in a vast majority of my photographs.

They're my favourite jewellery purchase ever. I've owned them a few months now and I still genuinely feel a little burst of joy every time I reach for them to complete my outfit. 

Annie Haak create beautiful and glamorous sterling silver bracelets gently jingling with little flowers, hearts, butterflies and dragon fly charms. They are so pretty individually that they can be worn as single bracelets or layered to reflect your own personal style. 

And so they say, layering is big news for 2013!

I decided to layer mine up with a couple of coloured bracelets from Accessorize as I loved the subtle pink colours with the silver. If you buy a really colourful bracelet set, you can alternate the colours with Annie Haak to compliment your outfit. 

Annie Haak make their own colourful friendship bracelet range which are eye-catching and keep with their signature pendant design. 

The cute flower, heart and butterfly designs are incorporated into the gorgeous necklaces, earrings and rings too. 

One of their most popular pendants is the beautiful Guardian Angel which you can get on the necklaces and bracelets.

I adore my rather unusual little Itsy Bitsy Pinky Ring with a four leaf clover and I've received many compliments. 

I wish I could buy one of everything!

Annie Haak's jewellery range in price from around the £20 mark for the pinky rings and earrings right up to £200 for their most illustrious multi bracelet set.
So it's not cheap but they are really something special and you're assured of real quality - not jewellery that's going to burst apart into pieces if knocked or a little over-stretched.

They are the perfect gift too. I had a very happy Mummy this Mother's Day

Check out the full collection right....here.


  1. Oh these look lovely! Something you can dress up or down!Think I might have to invest in the "Live well, laugh often, love lots", its adorable!
    Thanks for the tip, I've never heard of them :)
    Emily xxx

  2. Those bracelets are really beautiful! I love how they look when stacked together. Feeling very tempted right now!

    Lucy x

  3. Glad you both like! I just think her stuff is so beautiful and special too


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