8 May 2013

My Day On Instagram

I'll keep it brief today.

P.S. The grey haired fella in the pink jumper is none other than Paul Weller, spotted in Westbourne Grove.

P.P.S. I did denim today. It's probably the first time I've worn a denim shirt since I was about 14 (17 whole years ago, folks). This shirt is from New Look, £16.99.


  1. LOVING the denim and who is that gorgeous ball of fluff?! My boyfriend and I have been talking for the last four months about getting two toy Pomeranians; one white (called Pomme) and one brown (called Bear). It's so hard to find apartments to rent that will let you have dogs though!

    Katie <3

    1. You mean the little orange Pom? I see this little girl on dog walks now and again. She is SO cute. She's always off lead and just plods along a couple of meters behind her owner. Before we got Jimmy we were considering a Pom as they are so sweet. Strong little personalities though, they know how cute they are! ;)

  2. The pictures are very nice.

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