1 May 2013

Tootoomoo, Crouch End

I have a new takeaway!

Not only that, I have a lovely new local restaurant and they serve amazing edamame beans - my favourite healthy snack!

I'm actually eating them as I write this. Not particularly efficient, to be honest.

Tootoomoo in Crouch End, north London, create Pan Asian food blended from Far East and South East Asia influences all made from organic fresh ingredients. The menu is so pleasingly extensive - including sushi, salads, noodles and curries - that you can be as healthy or as adventurous as you decide.

They also serve wine, beer and....cocktails. Hurrah!  I've yet to give them a try but no doubt I'll get round to it.

I've ordered a takeaway from Tootoomoo once before. The girl on the phone was very friendly and our food arrived within 20 minutes...impressive! Sadly, I'd forgotten to order Alex's main course (ooops!) but I happily tucked into edamame beans, prawn toast and a Duck & Watermelon Salad. The food was really delicious and although the prawn toast was a naughty treat, it's so nice to have an option to order such a gorgeous dish such as the duck salad that isn't swimming in oil, arriving at my house really fresh.

When we visited Tootoomoo last Saturday for lunch, we were greeted very warmly and walked through to their quirky little restaurant at the back.

I just had to have the Duck & Watermelon Salad again. It's a dish I just can't ignore.

And it didn't disappoint second time round. 

I also ordered the Beef Ramen Noodles with bell peppers, vegetable and soy. Noodles aren't something I normally order (I'm more of a rice girl) but today they took my fancy and based on this dish, it won't be the last time they do either. 

As you can see, the portions here are generous!

Of course the edamame beans were as good as usual. 

I ordered one to eat in and two to take away! 

We didn't have dessert (well I did have two mains!) but we did have a Moomooslide milkshake made with vanilla icecream....

So basically we had a dessert too!

All in all a really delicious meal, fantastic value and a friendly atmosphere. 

I have no doubt that I will be regular from now on.

Bar Service
Waiter Service

Note: Just ran out of edamame beans 

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  1. Incredible photos! What sort of camera do you use?
    It all looks so damn delicious!
    Emily xx

    1. The food is so lovely there. The camera is a Panasonic Lumix GF5 but I did buy a new macro lens for it that takes great close up food shots.

    2. Thanks :) Think I might have to invest in a macro lens! It looks amazing! xx

  2. Wow, this place looks amaaaazing! Thanks for sharing (and now I'm hungry lol). :)

    Keep calm and carry lipstick.


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