17 May 2013

Union Jack Cupcakes

I decided to try the multi-coloured buttercream swirl for the first time today.

I'm holding a little Eurovision Song Contest party at my house tomorrow and the baking is underway. I wanted to make some Union Jack cupcakes for the occasion.

I had a little look on Youtube to get an idea regarding the technique and it's not as fiddly as you might imagine.

Firstly, you make up your buttercream, split it into three portions (or however many colours you require) then colour each one with food colouring.

Now using a spatula, spread each colour up the inside of a third of the piping bag.

An easy way to do it is to put the bag inside a pint glass and hook the edges over the rim of the glass.

Do a test swirl to get the colours flowing, then start buttercreaming your cakes!

I think this is a technique I might be using much more often from now on! 


  1. Caroline, these are awesome!!! Definitely trying out the multicoloured icing!!
    Love seeing a bit of British lovin' every once in a while!!

    Katie <3

    1. It's a clever technique isn't it? But really simple!

      I'm going to my party as Sweden tomorrow but still supporting the UK :)


  2. They look adorable! Hope you have a great time tomorrow night :)

    Lucy x


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