7 June 2013

My Short Term Weight Loss Plan: 'The Good Atkins'

As promised, here it is.

My personal trainer Sarah gave me this plan. It's intended to be used as a week long 'body streamlining' plan that you can do just before a holiday to shed a few extra pounds before you tackle the bikinis.

It's Atkins based - high protein, high fat, low carb, preferably no sugar.

The reason it's not recommended that you do it longer than about a week or two is because it's pretty low on fruit and vegetables. We all need fruit and veg as part of a healthy lifestyle (see my It's Not A Diet, It's A Lifestyle post for more on that). Unlike the real Atkins diet, this plan does include some but not enough to be a good diet long term. Short term, it's fine.

The rules are:
No added salt
Drink at least three pints of water per day
Drink coffee black or with only a splash of milk
Drink green tea
No fruit juice
No alcohol - one night treat at the end of the week
Don't let yourself get hungry - eat snacks

I'll be honest, I break these rules a little bit. I can't not have fruit juice with my breakfast but I only have a couple of sips rather than a whole glass. And I have a tiny amount of tomato sauce with my omelette each morning (sauce = sugar!). However, the more you stick to the rules, the more benefit you'll get in a short period of time.


Option 1
3 eggs – scrambled in a little butter, poached or an omelette (I like mine with a little goat's cheese)

Option 2
250g Total Greek yogurt full fat
Dessert spoon flaked almonds

Option 3
125g Salmon fillet pan fried in a little olive oil – prepare night before for speed
1 soft boiled egg

Option 4
100g smoked salmon
50g Ricotta
Squeeze fresh lemon
Spread ricotta on salmon and roll up


Option 1
Chicken salad
150g chicken
25g raw baby spinach
2 inches sliced cucumber
Dressing made from 2 dessert spoons olive oil squeeze of lemon, pepper

Option 2 
Salmon salad
125g cooked salmon
25g watercress
1/2 chopped celery stick
Dressing made from 1 dessert spoons olive oil, squeeze of lemon, pepper

Option 3
Sashimi – shop bought is fine
150g any type of sashimi with lemon and wasabi as opposed to soy sauce

Option 1
Lamb and courgettes
150g Lamb loin or other cut pan fried in a little olive oil
½ medium courgette pan fried with lamb
Bit of rosemary fried in pan
Drizzle pan juices over meal

Option 2
Steak and mushrooms
150g steak eg. rib eye pan fried in a little olive oil
50g mushrooms pan fried with steak
A little mustard if you want
Drizzle pan juices over meal

Option 3 
White fish and green beans
150g white fish e.g. monk fish, coley, turbot or other pan fried in butter
50g green beans, steamed
1 dessert spoon melted butter, squeeze of lemon
Drizzle pan juices and butter over cooked fish and beans

1 bacon rasher
1 soft boiled egg
A few strips of chicken
A small portion of poached salmon (3rd of an average fillet)
Celery stick with cream cheese or almond butter filling in it
Greek yogurt with a dessert spoon of flaked almonds or other chopped nuts
Italian seafood antipasti (the one with bits of squid etc in oil)

A note on Greek yoghurt - Sarah always recommends full fat because it keeps you fuller for longer plus fat free or low fat versions have often had sugar and other bad things added to make up for what was removed.

So that's it really! I reckon we can manage that for a week!

Finally, let's not forget that motivating photo! This is my current one:

If you give the plan a try, let me know how you get on!

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  1. I'm trying to eat healthily too, but to be honest I can't do a diet, so it's uber clean eating for me which to my surprise I'm really enjoying!
    I injured my knee so I can't run so I'm doing blogilates!
    Lottie xx


    1. I know what you mean - apart from this one before a holiday I can't diet either. So much better to just enjoy fresh and healthy food every day. The novelty of watching portion sizes would definitely wear off after a week with me!

      Oooh, I might do a bit of this blogilates too! ;)


  2. Such fabulous and health meal options, egg whites are salmon are my staple food. Love the inspirational picture. No salt and less oil are really life savers.
    Do visit my blog and if you like follow on GFC, Twitter, Bloglovin and Facebook, leave a comment and I"ll surely follow back!


    1. Thanks Stephanie! Sounds like you have a nice healthy diet too :)

      I always try to follow back anyone who follows me


  3. That motivation pic! Fabulous flat abs. Glad you advocated the importance of not overdoing it with atkins, it's also really high in cholestrol! I don't diet myself but totally love clean eating. Some nice breakfast ideas you've got :)


    Reena xx



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