2 June 2013

STK London & Kensington Roof Gardens

I'm a big fan of STK.

Caroline         Mary       Tina
As you'd guess from such a statement, I love their food - never have I had a bad meal there. The juicy steaks are always cooked perfectly and the side dishes are to die for. I also love the nightclub atmosphere and glamour of the place. The pop music played by the house DJ also puts it in favour with me (I love a bit of Phil Collins on a night out!).

Having to been to the original STK in New York three times (this was the first one I visited back at Christmas 2010), the one in LA and Vegas, I'd say we have a pretty successful past together.

I was delighted to hear it was opening its doors in London (the first one outside the States) inside the brand new ME Hotel just off The Strand. Of course I was one of the first through the doors before the restaurant had even officially opened - I was keen!

So this was my second visit to the London one. We were going to the Kensington Roof Gardens afterwards too - a bit of a pre-Vegas get together. The Roof Gardens was the only venue I could think of that was even half as grand as the clubs over there!

I wore my Lipsy crop top and skirt.

We were hoping to have a cocktail first in Radio Bar - a rooftop bar on the top of the hotel - but even at 6pm it was one-on-one-out and the queue wasn't moving! That's a sunny day in London town for you I suppose. 

So it was over to the STK bar which was not at all a bad alternative.

The atmosphere in STK is such that you could easily come only to the bar and still have a good night out. I have to be honest though; the London venue doesn't quite have the party vibe of the ones in New York and Vegas. Perhaps it's because it's sprawling relative to them and the music is played noticeably quieter. This may be the intention of course, perhaps to increase the appeal to the nearby 'suits' wanting a venue for a working dinner. Who knows.

The food was as fabulous as usual. We decided to pass on our favourite starter - the Wagyu beef mini burgers. We didn't want to get too full up before the club and a pot belly in this outfit probably wasn't the best look. But courtesy of a previous visit to STK Vegas, here are those excellent little burgers

This is the gorgeous soft bread with pesto sauce you are given before your meal. Another reason for us to skip the starter - this bread is definitely too good to resist.

Our main course: one fillet rare topped with Stilton, one sirloin medium-rare, Parmesan truffle chips, chantenay carrots with honey butter and lobster mac & cheese.

We finished up nicely full up but luckily, still ready to party!

One annoying thing I will mention about STK London is the fact that their toilets are so far away! You have to walk outside the restaurant into the foyer, round the corner and down a flight of winding stairs to get there! Silly. But at least the hotel decor is pretty to look at on the journey.

So onwards in a taxi to Kensington.

From all the Union Jacks, we assume the Queen was home this evening. You've got to love central London! 

As we were a bit early for the club and the Babylon Restaurant bar in the same building was apparently full up, we popped to Caffe Concerto over the road for a piece of something sweet. In my case, a very delicious slice of strawberry gateaux

A tasty way to kill an hour!

We met up with Tina in the queue for the club. Inside it was already busy. I'm not surprised though - there aren't many nightclubs in London with a garden and tonight was quite warm...well, comparatively to the weather we've had recently! We sat outside and caught up.

The garden was full of people who all seemed to know each other sitting round large decorated tables. It felt liked we'd just crashed a wedding!

Tina caught the eye of an admirer. Or was it a gratuitous photobomb?

My Vegas buddies! Just a month to go girls!

Within a couple of hours the club was in full flow and we went inside for a dance and a drink at the bar

And it turned out that at that bar was a very nice boy! Good work Tines! 

Will it be true love? Who knows! But I do know that it was a very fun evening. 

Now I can't wait to hit Vegas again with my ladies! 

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  1. This looks gorgeous, I so want to pop along on one of your nights out - they look incredible! Aren't the roof gardens gorgeous? I had a table there for my last birthday and they made it exceptional!

    Katie <3

    1. It was a really fun night and yes, the Roof Gardens is a lovely venue! How great to have had your birthday there!

  2. Ahhhhh STK in London, amazing! You look gorgeous and I instantly love your blog, followed you!

    Cate-Elise x

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    1. Thanks Cate-Elise! Pleased to meet you! I'm so glad you like my blog :)

      I just had a beak around yours - looks great too! Following on Bloglovin'


  3. just discovered your blog and looks just like my sort of thing, I've just followed on Bloglovin'

    Kensington Roof Gardens all looks very nice and the food looks delicious, it's definitely on my list of places to go!


    1. Great, so pleased you like it! Lovely to meet you! Going to check out your blog now :)

      You should go, you'd love it.


  4. Caroline you are looking mighty fine may I say! I love the crop top and skirt combo going on!
    Definitely up for visiting the roof gardens- I can just imagine a stunning view!
    If only...!
    Emily xx

    1. Come down for a visit when you're done with your studies! You'll love it!

      Thank you for the compliment *blush*

      I still love your hair!! ;)


  5. Ouu I've never been to STK but those steaks do look amazing! Might go there this week to satify my meat cravings. Thanks for sharing. You look amazing in a crop top btw!

    Teffy || Teffys Perks Blog


    1. Thanks hun! Let me know what you think if you visit!


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