17 July 2013

Poor Mr Chew

To begin, if you don't really like dogs or if you don't particularly like people going super soppy over their pets then this possibly is not the blog post for you. Perhaps click over to look at the amazing food at Duck & Waffle or the beautiful scenery in Thailand!

Having been delayed from Monday due to staff illness, this morning I took Jimmy Chew to the vet....it was time to have 'the snip'.

Here is the happy unsuspecting Jimmy was on his way.

As aware as I was that it was a minor procedure and that he should be home with me in just two or three hours, a mixture of worry and guilt put me in a state that meant I couldn't actually speak more than single words to Rich, our lovely vet, for fear of bursting into floods of tears. Noting my mood, he sensitively talked me through the process and the risks. Afterwards, when I'd handed over the lead and turned to leave the room, out of the corner of my eye I saw him try and follow me. Ugh, this felt crap.

I tried to take my mind off it all by going to our nice little local cafe for something sweet.

It didn't really work. 

I went home to find a package waiting and I was surprised to see it was addressed to Jimmy Chew. It was a 'get well soon' gift from my friend Philippa who moved away to Australia a few years ago. What a lovely thought!

An hour passed and I received a call from Rich to confirm that all had gone well and that Jimmy should be awake and ready to come home within the next couple of hours - relief!

Soon enough, I was back at the vet with Alex to bring Jimmy home.

Rich brought him out. Poor dazed doggy.

Jimmy was one of Rich's first ever clients when he opened his practice in mid-2011. His picture even has a special space on the wall in the waiting room!

I was very pleased to have Jimmy out safe and well.

Back home, we had a very drowsy little dog on our hands

...with a bandaged fluffy paw

He had just enough energy to accept a few of the doggy treats from Philippa

And then conked out like I've never seen him conk before

At 9pm he's still laying outside on the step in the cool. He hasn't been barking at the squirrels. He attempted to play briefly by bringing me his toy but soon gave up on that idea.

The vet tells us that he should be pretty much back to normal tomorrow.

Fingers and paws crossed!

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  1. Aw, this is so sad! I know exactly how you feel. They usually bounce back pretty fast though! Hope Jimmy is better by tomorrow!


    1. Thank you! He's still a bit down in the dumps today but took him for a walk and it brightened him up a bit.

  2. Awww poor little poppet. It's a horrible feeling taking them in isn't it?
    I took Maisie in for 'the treatment' and instantly felt horrific...
    At least he is happy and before you know it will be back to normal!
    Emily xx
    My Ginger Bread Journey

    1. It's really horrible :( I probably over reacted but he is my baby and I felt so guilty too! Hopefully he'll have forgotten all about it soon.

      Thank you for the comment :)


  3. Awwww I hope he's feeling better soon :)


  4. Oh bless him he looks so sad! What a brave little chappy. Have a dog treat on me Mr Chew (If mummy says it's ok!)

    Katie <3

  5. Aw poor (paw) Jimmy Chew!! Hope he's sparky again soon!

    Rosie xx

  6. Ahh poor little poppet. Hope he's back to his usual self now x


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