14 July 2013

Sunny July Weekend

This is more like it. Sun and lots of it! Already people are starting to complain of it being too hot but I love it! Let's face it; compared to the 45C in Vegas, this is nothing. Also, it's so nice to finally be able to put away my muddy dog walking boots that I've been wearing most days since about October!

Saturday I was off to Hampstead to check out my friend Beth's gorgeous new flat then head off for a pub garden lunch.

Caroline                 Beth
It was a crop top and sandals day!

On South End Road there's a lovely little alfresco pub called The Garden Gate. As the name suggests, it's renowned for its pub garden which is pretty big! Hampstead really is perfect for lazy summer days like this.

Pimms! A great British summer institution. 

The food menu is standard pub fare with a good variety of dishes. We chose the fishcakes which were very nice. The Pimms was even nicer!

Afterwards it was back to Beth's for her housewarming party then a bit of a dance out in Camden. Back to the detox on Sunday!

★ ☆ ✰

Regular readers of Cocktails & Caroline may be aware of my little fluffy dog, Jimmy Chew. He is a Keeshond. This is what he looks like:

Cute isn't he?

I've been giving him extra cuddles today for tomorrow this little 20 month old will be having 'the snip'.

Poor Jimmy!

It's for his own good really. We have left it a while to see how things go and although we don't have issues with him humping, running off or being aggressive (he's so gentle), it is the aggression from other dogs that he can occasionally attract that bothers us. A dog walker recently told me that the insurance goes up 90% if the dog is an unneutered male. So I guess it's for his own good, right?

Doesn't stop me worrying a little bit. I know it's a minor operation and he'll be home within a few hours...but he is my baby!

Look at him roar!

And sniff!

And "paw"

We can't feed him after 8pm until after his operation so we made sure we treated him with some freshly roasted chicken

He will be properly spoilt tomorrow too, I'm sure.

It's summers days like today that I'm even more grateful to have a garden in London. 

Another lazy relaxation session in the sun!

Despite the heat, we still had our usual Sunday roast - albeit without the parsnips and carrots that I totally forgot to buy!

So tomorrow morning, 10am, little Jimmy will be at the vet. I hope he isn't too mad at me afterwards!

I'll let you know how he gets on.

UPDATE: Jimmy's operation has been postponed until Wednesday morning due to staff shortages at the vet. Annoying as I was all geared up but it's not long to wait I suppose.

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  1. Jimmy chew is gorgeous and what an amazing name!
    The garden gate looks like a lovely pub too, mmm Pimms


    1. Ah, thank you. He is a little cutie.

      Agreed re Pimms, so nice! Scarily easy to drink though!


  2. I hope all goes well with Jimmy - sure it will :) So annoying though when you get all ready for something like and it's postponed... Good luck Jimmy!!

    R xx

    1. Thank you! I know it will :) It's just the anaesthetic that plays on the mind but sure he'll be right as rain before I know it. Just want to get it over with now!

  3. I totally love how you still have Sunday Roast even though the temps are through the roof (relatively for the UK), a woman after my own heart!
    Best of luck to Mr Jimmy, I'm sure the vets will all be swooning over him
    x x x

    {The Lobster & Me}

    1. Ha, I know. I suggested just a roast chicken and salad to the hubby but he wasn't having any of it! :)

      Thank you, hope he will be back to his normal cute self before I know it


  4. Poor Mr Chew!!! I hope he doesn't get too upset!!

    Katie <3

  5. Haha love the picture of him roaring! oh so adorable!
    Summer is the time for crop tops, gardens, and pimms. You pulled it all off so well =)

    Teffy || Teffys Perks Blog



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