29 August 2013

3rd Wedding Anniversary

It's incredible how time can fly past. Without doubt I've had the best three years of my life but where on earth did they go??  

Three years ago yesterday, I married Alex at Leez Priory in Essex. Despite a week of rain leading up to the event, the sun came out and the day went without a hitch. It was the best day of my life. 

Here in 2013, we now have our own house, I have my little baking business and we have a fluffy dog making every day a little cuter. And now a bubble chair! Brilliant. But the time has certainly flown by.

We decided to celebrate our anniversary with dinner at one of our favourite restaurants - modern steak house come chic lounge, STK. 

The first STK we visited was in New York, the second in Los Angeles and the third, Vegas. Then they opened one in London! I've written about STK London before so I won't go into detail but I did deviate slightly from my standard order this time so I thought I'd show you!

I decided to wear my favourite LBD from French Connection.

STK is one of those restaurants where you can get away with dressing up to the nines or going casual although it does lean more towards a party atmosphere later on in the evening.

And forget that trendy acid jazz stuff you usually get played at these kinds of places - here they have a DJ who plays classic 80's and 90's tunes. Just my cup of tea!

I love the complimentary signature doughy STK bread with chive oil. It arrives all ready to be ripped apart and dipped!

Having missed out on lunch because the builders were in my kitchen all day, I was starving hungry. Today, we were going for the three whole courses (and portions aren't small here!)

Alex started with the amazing Lil' Burgers made with Wagyu beef and for the first time I decided to sample one of their salads - charcoal grilled beets, glazed goat's cheese and truffle honey.

I find my biggest disappointment with a cheese-based salad is usually lack of cheese. Not the case here - goat's cheese galore! Delicious! The beetroot was flavorsome and juicy too.

The Lil' Burgers don't need a review - they're always amazing.

The main course - feather steak with Stilton topping and STK sauce, mac & cheese, Parmesan truffle chips, mash & onion sauce, chantenay carrots, roast baby onions & garlic. It was a special occasion, so we pretty much ordered the entire sides menu.

STK London (and London only; I checked the other menus) have replaced my usual choice of the fillet medallion with a 150g feather steak. Unfortunately it was a bit more chewy than the cut I'm used to and Alex's steak turned up cooked to medium instead of medium rare. But otherwise everything was as delicious as usual and to be fair, they did deduct the price of one of the desserts as an apology for Alex's wait to have his steak replaced.

My camera was dangerously low on battery at this point but I did manage to get a couple of pictures of the amazing desserts we ordered. Firstly, the treacle tart with milk ice cream and vanilla salt. Not much to look at, perhaps, but the saltiness gave it such a delicious twist that I just couldn't stop eating it! 

What about this then - The Fairground Attraction. Marshmallows, jam doughnuts, candy floss, popcorn, toffee apple madeleines and mini ice creams! Amazing!

Now that's what I call an exciting dessert!

I especially loved the toffee apples and doughnuts which were so good. It's probably enough for two people to share so the treacle tart was unnecessary but we'd already ordered double the amount of food that most people would, so why stop there?

It was a lovely celebration on the anniversary of a very special day.

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  1. Beautiful photos! And yummy food!
    Happy 3 year Anniversary!


  2. Happy anniversary! Looks like a great celebration, especially loved the fairground attraction dessert :D yum!

    1. Thank you! It was a lovely evening and yes, the dessert was so cool! Finished it off nicely :)

  3. I want to go here!!!
    That ferris wheel looks like a thing of dreams!!
    Lottie xxx

    1. You should definitely give it a try, it's a great atmosphere and the food is great. You have to have the wheel!

  4. STKs looks like the inside of the Cosmopolitan hotel in Vegas, very pretty and over the top opulence. That last desert looks like a Ferris wheel of fun! haha

    A Golden State of Mind

    1. There is an STK in the Cosmopolitan hotel in Vegas so that could be why! I do agree the decor is very similar. The dessert was great :D

  5. Congratulations lovely =) What a great way to celebrate such a beautiful occasion!!
    You look haawt in that dress!

    Teffy { Teffys Perks Blog }


  6. Great post!!!lovable pics!
    Thanks for sharing!!!!do u want to Follow each other!?

  7. ok. my mouth actually dropped open when i saw that fairground dessert.
    i have no more words except this looks unreal! definitely need to go here.. just need to think of a suitable occasion.!
    happy anniversary! XX


    1. Any occasion will do! How about it being Friday night? ;)

      Thank you India x

  8. That dessert looks incredible, I love the colours of the marshmallows! Happy anniversary!


  9. Holy moly, what a dessert! I've never seen anything like it. Happy anniversary Caroline!

    Lucy x

  10. Ermaaaaghheeerrrrrdddd what an amazing meal for such a lovely couple.
    All that food porn looks incredible, you had me drooling and the starters and practically green with envy with that ferris wheel of pleasure!
    Get me to London for this meal soooooooon
    x x x
    {The Lobster & Me}

    1. You have to visit again very soon! x

  11. Ferris Wheel for a desert?!?! Seriously?!
    I thought the food porn of those burgers was brilliant enough as it is, but oooohhh no, I was wrong!
    Simply adore the firework wedding shot too, sounds like you truly had the day of your dreams!
    Emily xx
    My Ginger Bread Journey

    1. I know, amazing eh? :D

      Thank you, I really did ♥


  12. Happy anniversary! This dessert looks soo good and I love the last photo <3 so beautiful!

  13. Oh Caroline this looks gorgeous. That pudding is incredible!! That fireworks shot, is that actually the two of you? What an incredible moment captured!!!

    Congratulations on a very happy three years and best wishes for the next hundred... (or to that effect!)

    Katie <3

  14. Congratulatioonnsss!! Have added STK to my London list, amazing dessert wheel!

  15. What a fun night! Happy anniversary! Great pictures! :)


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