5 August 2013

Lucky Voice Karaoke - Birthday Celebrations Pt 2

Saturday came and it still wasn't my actual birthday! But the self-imposed celebrations continued regardless.

I decided against having one big get together this year; sometimes it's nice to keep things simple with those closest to you. And also, when it comes to karaoke, it can be of benefit to have less people to wrestle the microphone away from.

The evening began with another gorgeous present. Mary bought me some beautiful earrings along with an amazing drawing of Jimmy Chew

It was hand drawn by an artist called Emily-Mei Cross who specialises in pet portraits. 

So sweet!

I was celebrating with my hubby, my brother Andrew, sister-in-law Sarah and Mary (unfortunately her boyfriend Andy was left at home with a bad case of prawn-induced food poisoning). 

Alex had booked us a table at the Soho Sky Terrace on top of the Courthouse Hotel on Great Marlborough Street. The weather was still gorgeous, the bar was very relaxed and it turned out to be a great choice for some celebratory drinks in the sun.

Before I knew it, three and a half hours had passed and the sun had set over Soho.

It was time to head over to Lucky Voice.

I've been a huge fan of Lucky Voice karaoke for some time. It's not the kind where you have to get up in front of a crowded bar of drinkers - on that I'm not so keen. This is the karaoke where you get your own little booth for you and your friends, two microphones, waiter service to the room and a whole box of random hats and wigs.

We were booked in for a three hour slot. The standard is two hours but I find that's never ever enough.

We sang our hearts out to a whole variety of songs, old and new. Naturally I have a whole list of my favourite karaoke numbers saved on my phone for just this sort of occasion. I think I worked my way through a fair number of them! 

It was a fantastic night. Almost time for my real birthday!

I hope you all had lovely weekends! xx

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  1. Seems you had a great time! :-) Happy Birthday Caroline! :D

    1. I had a brilliant night. Thank you Dora!

  2. Oh you have the best life! Always looks like you're having a blast. I love a bit of karaoke :)

    1. Ah, how can you not have a blast at karaoke? So much fun, every time! :D

  3. I cannot carry a note for the life of me. which is horrible for people around me as I never let that stop me from breaking into song. Oh well! Seems like you had a great time =) Happy birthday to you!

    Teffy || Teffys Perks Blog ||


  4. Happy Birthday! maybe a bit late! The Karaoke looks the ideal thing to do with my group of friends when we go to London!


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