17 September 2013

Feast London

Feast is quite the foodie experience. I'd visited once before back in March and had a blast wandering round tasting burgers, wraps, pasta and cakes fresh from some of London's best street vendors and restaurants.

This event was being held on the grounds of Guy's Hospital, London Bridge and it was a chilly Saturday afternoon. Where has summer suddenly disappeared to?!

We studied the board at the entrance to see exactly what delights were in store for us. I was familiar with quite a few of the traders such as The Wright Brothers, Check On, Patty & Bun and Pizza Pilgrims.

But there were also some exciting opportunities to discover something new!

Feeling surprisingly fresh after our cocktail night the evening before, Laura and I arrived with empty tummies and a great sense of anticipation. Knowing where to start was the only dilemma of the day.

We had a walk around the grounds to scope out what was on offer. It's very cool to see street food from the kerbside of the East End right alongside creations from inside London's top restaurants.

It may seem a somewhat unusual decision taking into account how hungry we were but our first port of call was The Wright Brothers...oysters!

Each of the three oysters was dressed in a different way - Hogwash (shallot, vinegar), lemon & tabasco and the classic (onion, chilli, coriander, lime). 

They tasted like they were fresh out of the water.

And from then on, there was no stopping us!

I tasted Anna Mae's Mac & Cheese at Feast last time round and I couldn't resist but go back for more. This time, served with crispy bacon and pesto.

Delicious, as I remembered, but such a big portion that I couldn't possibly eat it all. There was so much more to try!

I can't resist a duck salad. Especially when it's courtesy of the Bread Street Kitchen, a Gordon Ramsay restaurant in St Paul's that I've had a couple of fantastic meals at.

Fresh, crispy and deliciously tangy. It was served warm which was a pleasant surprise.

Laura ordered some spicy chicken wings from them. How luscious do they look? 

Burgers here are too tempting...

The name of the burger I'd already ordered at Taiwanese street stall Bao almost put me off

But it ended up being a little fried bundle of joy.

The perfect little size for an event such as this (Patty & Bun, take note), succulent moist chicken with a crispy coating and hot sauce.

There didn't seem to be a huge variety for the vegetarian guests but the polenta fritters and canoli from Italian City of London restaurant Paesan was one of them. Not a hearty meal but a definite tasty snack to tide you over.  I loved the fritters.

And my favourite 'dish of the day'?

The beef belly with horseradish sauce and parsnip shavings from Flat Iron Steak.

The beef was unbelievably flavorsome, tender and perfectly seasoned. I'd not tried it before but it had a similar consistency to pork belly. Beautifully accompanied by the powerful horseradish sauce.

Time for something a little sweeter.

I bought some scones to take away...

...and here are Check On's amazing 'egg and soldier' vanilla creme brulees, served in a hollowed egg shell with a shortbread biscuit.

 I seriously could eat five or six of these in a row.  As well as being a stroke of genius from a presentation perspective, they're smooth, creamy and taste just gorgeous.

A couple of hours had passed by now and I had almost eaten my own body weight in food.

But I just about had room for some macaroons and ice-cream!

What a treat of an afternoon!

Check out the Feast website and keep an eye out for the next one over the Christmas period (only 99 days to go guys!) which will no doubt have a lovely festive atmosphere. I'm sure you'll find me there, lingering round the Mac & Cheese stall...

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  1. Oh this is making me want to go back so much! I could eat those wings right now, ok, and the beef belly, oh ok who am I kidding, I want it all! :P
    Can't wait for cheese tasting now! :)

    1. Love the sweater you were wearing :) Where did you get it? x

    2. We should go to the one at Christmas too - maybe have some mulled wine while we're there ;) Looking at the photo of those wings you had made me wish I'd tried one after all, they look so juicy! Oh, the beef belly...

      Roll on cheese! :D


    3. Amazing pics! Love your hat touch!

      Kisses from

      Don't miss you today my amazing Loose Black leather Dungarees look with amazing Lace-Up scalloped heels!!!.
      WIN an aamzing pair of bamboo wood sunglasses!!!

  2. mm it all looks delicious, you've made me hungry!

    A Day in the Life

    1. Looking at all these pictures does have that effect! If I could only eat that beef again right now...


  3. Wow, this looks amazing! I do love a good food festival and getting to try lots of new yummy morsels. I'm seriously craving macaroons now after seeing those last couple of pictures!

    Lucy x

    1. Macaroons are something I've only recently got into but now I'm a little bit obsessed. And they look so beautiful too!

  4. Wow, the name 'Feast' really says it all :) I can't believe I missed it -- checking out the website now, will make sure to get tickets for the next one!
    Also love your hat :) x

    1. Definitely come to the next one! I'm sure Laura and I will be there so meet up with us :)

  5. this looks unreal. my mouth is literally watering. i'd kill for some of that food right now!! also your tshirt is the best XXX


    1. Thanks hun! It's from Truffleshuffle. Love that website!

  6. Look delicious! Love a good street-food feast :)


  7. that creme brulee!! these posts make me so excited to me moving to London in two weeks!


    1. Fantastic! Moving to a new place is always exciting but when it's to London with so many amazing places to visit, it's even better! I hope your move all goes as smoothly as possible and I look forward to reading about your future adventures :D


  8. I went to Feast at the beginning of the year as well and it was so so cold when I was there! The food is simply so delicious it completely makes up for it though.. I missed out on the mac n cheese, but need to have it soon for sure!

    Teffy { Teffys Perks Blog }


  9. These all look amazing; such an interesting variety, but I just wanted to squeal a little at your T-Shirt, how very very cute!

  10. Oh wow, those pictures made me SO hungry! I'm impressed you tried so many things, I went to the one back in July and only managed about three before I was too full!


  11. I couldn't think of a better way to spend a weekend than walking round somewhere it's perfectly acceptable to eat non stop!!




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