22 September 2013

Peppa Pig Cake

I thought I'd show you the latest cake I've made.

This Peppa Pig cake is a three layer vanilla sponge cake with strawberry jam and buttercream filling. 

It's for a two year old's birthday party.  My client wanted a cake to feed at least 20 people, under £100 and with the whole Peppa Pig family on the top as figurines.

And this was the result. I hope they like it!

You can see a couple of other cakes I've made here and here.

As an aside, following my champagne afternoon tea yesterday, today is the first day of a month-long detox. I've wanted to do it for a while and it was never going to happen close to Christmas time. So October it is! I will be refraining from cocktails, vino and rich restaurant dinners (give or take the odd lunch) until Saturday 19th October. Wish me luck!

I hope you're all having a fab weekend!

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  1. Such a fantastic cake, my niece would ADORE it!



  2. This is gorgeous! They will definitely love it!!

    Katie <3

  3. this is amazing! very skilled! they will love it i'm sure,hope you're well , katie xxx


  4. This is so cute! Bet it's so tasty too :)
    Sarah xxx

    -Sarah Speaks

  5. A Pepper Pig Cake?! That is beyond incredible! I wish I had fingers nimble enough to make those tiny characters. It looks incredible Caroline!
    Emily xx
    My Ginger Bread Journey

  6. That's fantastic! My little girl would love this! :)

  7. Love the Peppa Pig cake! It looks fantastic! Good luck with the detox :)

    R xx

  8. Oh. My. Goodness. This is officially my second favourite after your travel-themed wedding cake. I know this is yearssss down the line considering I'm 22, single, and much too busy to even to even properly take care of myself, but -- when I get married, will you make my cake for me Caroline? ;)

    1. Haha, love it! Of course, it would be my absolute pleasure! :D xx


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