28 October 2013

6 Things My Dog Does That Are Weird

1. Whereas most dogs get fabulously excited to be given their dinner, Jimmy will take his composed position on the kitchen floor and observe as I prepare his food. Upon placing the bowl down, Jimmy will remain in this spot for a good two or three minutes, quietly reflecting over what culinary delights might be waiting for him just a yard away (NB: 100% of the time it's dog food).

2. Once a month we have to give Jimmy his flea and worm treatment. This comes in the form of a painless but slightly smelly liquid that has to be placed on the back of his neck. Each time we do this he decides to sulk for an entire day, refusing to accept either affection or treats (I imagine he suspects the latter to be arsenic-laden). If we open the back door he will sit in the garden away from us for hours and generally fear the world that quite blatantly has it in for him. Poor Jimmy Chew!

3. Having pawed, stared and generally bugged me for an entire morning, he will then resist going for a walk if it is wet out.

4. Whilst most normal dogs will immediately demolish treats such as a piece of steak, bacon or ham, Jimmy will take the snack slowly and carefully between his top and bottom set of teeth so that the unidentified food makes no contact with his tongue. He will then move forth to the 'investigation mat' by the front door to look into the item thoroughly before making a decision as to whether it's at a high enough standard to eat or whether the humans are attempting to poison him again.

5. He likes to sniff other dogs bottoms but will run away when they try to sniff his.

6. He barks when Carol Vorderman comes on the television.
Yes folks - my dog is officially North London's biggest diva!

(and I wouldn't change a thing)

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  1. Awwww, what a cutie! I've never known a dog who doesn't wolf down anything food-related at the drop of a hat. He's clearly a very discerning gentleman!

    Lucy x

    1. I know, tell me about it! It's not normal! :) x

  2. Oh my gosh my dog is exactly the same with treats and just food. He'll only eat one specific doggy treat and one type of food! You give him something, he takes away then just leaves it somewhere haha. He also won't go out in the rain even though he desperately wants a walk!
    I think our dogs are some sort of twins from another litter haha. That first picture is great by the way! xxx

    -Sarah Speaks

    1. Aaah really?? Well that's very interesting to hear! :) There was me thinking JC was the only little fussy eater in the canine world! Cx

  3. Oh, he's divine - I love the character that some dogs have, they are definitely furry people!
    My friends have a little Boston Terrier and he's super. They have trained him to pause before getting the command allowing him to eat (they were hoping to stop him eating everything in sight as they took him walking). Only trouble is he took to it like a duck to water, and they didn't realise one night that they had forgotten to give him the 'eat' command before disappearing into the next room. An hour or two later they came back to him, still sitting in the kitchen staring at him dinner, poor baby.

    1. You're so right. I didn't realise what little personalities they had until we got Jimmy! That is so cute about the little Boston!! What a good boy!

  4. That is potentially the most adorable dog I have ever seen! Such a cute post!


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