11 October 2013

One of my favourites - Gilgamesh

I've visited Gilgamesh in Camden countless times now. Sometimes I go for lunch in the restaurant - like today. Other times it's for cocktails and dancing in the lounge bar and nightclub. It's one of few places in London that's big and glamorous enough to make me almost feel that I could be in Vegas. Just one of the reasons I like it so much...

If you come here of a weekend evening, expect it to be heaving with people - a mix of those who want to party, colleagues catching up after work and couples enjoying a romantic meal out. Oh, and maybe the odd celebrity.

At lunchtimes though, it's pretty quiet and there's no need to book ahead.

I've never had a bad meal here. The menu is pan Asian - dim sum, sushi, sashimi, salads and Thai curries. It's not cheap to eat from the a la carte but they have good value set menus that include most of their signature dishes.  What I'm quite sure you're going to get is quality food exploding with flavour and that's why I return again and again.

I have got into a bit of a bad habit of ordering the same dishes though. I just can't help it, I know I love them! Here are my usuals:

Ladies and gentlemen, the duck & watermelon salad with cashew nuts, mint and Thai basil...

The soft shell crab with an orange sauce...

Thai green chicken curry with Gilgamesh fried rice (prawns, crab, roast pork, peas, spring onion)...

And Alex had the duck spring rolls and the braised beef Malay curry.

I assure you; it all really is as good as it looks. 

And no, I didn't eat it all.  The portions are massive here! I took the remains home in a doggy bag to have for dinner; just too good to go to waste!

We still had dessert of course. The banana and toffee crumble with cinnamon ice cream for me and the milk chocolate fondant for him.

Another delicious meal courtesy of Gilgamesh.

I must organise a girl's night out here again soon; the cocktails are to die for too.

Bar Service
Waiter Service

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  1. Oh Caroline. It all looks absolutely gorgeous! I want it all. Next time I go to London, I will definitely be scouting out your blog beforehand for all of your restaurant recommendations :)

    Lucy x

    P.S. I also wanted to let you know that I've just nominated you for a Sunshine Award.

    1. Great, I hope it's helpful! And thank you for the nomination, will take a look at it :) x

  2. This place looks amazing! and the soft shell crab- looks like it's definitely worth a visit! xxx

    1. Soft shell crab is my new obsession, I love it! x

  3. I have never actually been to Gilgamesh even though I've walked past it so many times whilst in Camden. I have to say it looks absolutely delicious! That watermelon salad?? oh my god I want that right now!!

    Teffy { Teffy's Perks Blog } X

    1. You should definitely drop in next time you're passing even if it is just for the duck & watermelon salad to take away! It's sooo good. Cx

  4. Oh wow every single one of those dishes look amazing! I LOVE Asian food and the desserts look fab too!


  5. Oh my... Please can you send me that braised beef malay curry?! It literally has me drooling!
    How on earth do you manage to find such cool spots all over London all of the time?!
    Seriously envious Caroline!
    Emily xx
    My Ginger Bread Journey

  6. Holy moly this looks incredible! I had no idea the food was so good at Gilgamesh - I need to go! This all sounds and looks so delicious. Duck, watermelon and cashew nut salad is one of my faves and a real weakness whenever I see it on the menu! Its also a favourite of my mums so definitely going to suggest we go here asap! thanks for yet another cracking recommendation XX


  7. I can't believe I've never been! The beef looks incredible (as does all of it!) Must go soon!!

    Rosie xx

  8. This looks amazing..! I went in there once as we were going to go for cocktails. It's HUGE! So cool inside though. Perfect anecdote to this disgusting weather!

    Katie <3

  9. This looks incredible, I'm actually drooling over my keyboard.

    I've only ever been in there for the cocktails, but definitely going back for the food!

    Hmm maybe...

  10. This is one of my to go places on my London List, as everyone keeps talking about it. I mean, I'm no salad girl, but that duck and watermelon salad looks so delicious! x

  11. Oh my goodness this post has made me so hungry! Just found your blog, think I may be frequenting it often!
    Rachel xx

  12. The pictures are gorgeous! you've got great photography skills :) looks like a lovely place too <3



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