9 November 2013

Christmas at Harrods

Roast those chestnuts, deck those halls, surf the internet for socks and scented candles. Christmas time is coming! 

One of the first places to remind us of this fact is Harrods. A classic. A Great British institution.

Believe it or not, Harrods' Christmas World actually launched back in July. It's a 2000 square foot space on the third floor filled with decorations, trees, advent calendars, stocking fillers and crackers. 

Yesterday I headed down for a look around. 

I bought a Harrods Advent Calendar (I didn't realise it was £25 until I got it to the till!) and some chocolate coins.

I took a wander down the escalators to the world famous Food Court on the Ground Floor.

And yes, it was me the cake man was serving. I had to buy myself one of these gorgeous little delights and I decided upon an Oreo cupcake. I bought Alex a salted caramel and chocolate slice.

Finally, I had to browse the bags and shoes before heading out into the rain outside.

It would have been rude not to!

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I also popped into the pet department.

 A very fluffy little guy benefited from that visit.

Have a fantastic weekend guys!

87-135 Brompton Road
London, SW1X 7X

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  1. You're getting me so excited for Christmas already! German Markets... Harrods... Baubles... Exciting times!
    Beautiful photography too Caroline, some really stunning picture here!
    Emily xx
    My Ginger Bread Journey

    1. I know, I'm so excited too! I always get over-excited too early....

      Thank you re the photography :)


  2. ooh I visited Harrods Christmas World back in August, talk about keen!
    Those cakes look amazing too! Hope you have a great weekend :) x

  3. This post has got me so excited for everything Christmassy! Harrods is excellent at any time of year but their Christmas offerings just make them extra special and I'm glad to see that they get into the spirit of things so early. I wish I didn't live so far away! I shall have to console myself with looking forward to the Christmas markets which open up here at the end of next week :)

    Lucy x The New Northerner

    1. Ah, you should come and visit London! It's so amazing at Christmas time :) I love the Christmas markets too, I always end up buying so much cheese and chutney x

  4. Ahhh I'm drooling over those cakes! Stop it, its not like I need any more sugar in my life after yesterday! ha.
    Look at those shoes from Gina, oh my gosh, I may have to pop in and try on a few... naughty! :)
    Heroine In Heels

  5. WOW , I am loving this place . I've heard of Harrods but this is WAY too huge :) Yum to all sweets.

  6. I was there yesterday :) Harrods really gets you into the Christmas spirit!


  7. My friend and I used to have a tradition of hitting Harrods Christmas Dept in the Summer as soon as it opened yet I haven't visited one yet this year - something to be rectified swiftly.


  8. I love Harrods, whenever I need a pick-me-up, I'll head down there and stand at the top of the Egyptian escalators listening to the singers and bands playing - I love the Christmas section!

    Lovely pictures as always. I'm loving your hair like that too!

    oh, ps love the re-design!

    Katie <3


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